10 Insane Predictions That Came True

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Have you ever predicted something that is so insane and later you found out that it came true? “Well, I once predicted that I would become a superstar.” And now? “I'm just a star.” That's the same thing, pal. But you know what, anything can happen. The world is unpredictable. Even the things that you think are unimaginable could happen at the most unexpected times, just like these '10 insane predictions that came true'. Would you like to go crazy with me as we discover two of these crazy predictions? “I'd like to go crazy as long as I'm with you.” That's sweet, bud! The crazy moment starts now!

Did you know that the famous iPhone was predicted in the late 1980's? Well, for the 80's kids in here, back then, computers were very big. However, Apple never stopped in believing that “they could be something more.” That's why in 1987, Apple releases a promotional video called 'Knowledge Navigator', which features their predictions for the future computing. In the video, the device is flat and touch screen gadget that can be used as a telephone and can connect wirelessly to the worldwide web.

Well, for the next insane prediction, let us play a little game first. I will say a dialogue and you will tell me what movie it comes from. “I'm on!” Great. Here we go!

“It is unsinkable. God himself could not sink this ship.”

Which movie did that come from? “Titanic!” Excellent! However, did you have any idea that the ship which they think is unsinkable has been predicted to sink in 1898? That is 14 years before that fateful night, my friend. “Who made the prediction?”

It was predicted by Morgan Robertson, an author of short stories. Can you see the irony? A man who writes fiction has predicted something that came true fourteen years later. That is so non-fiction. According to K. Thor Jensen, most of Robertson's works are average. But one of his 1898 novella, 'Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan' says something about what will happen in the next 14 years. “The story features the ocean liner 'Titan', which sinks in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg.” This is what is stated in the novella: “The largest triple-screw propeller ship ever made hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sinks bow-first, killing more than half of its 2,500 passengers and crew.” *silence* Goosebumps? Because if you are experiencing it right now, same here for me too.

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