10 Lazy Girl Exercises You'll Wish You had Known Sooner

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Adding some new exercises to your routine can be a great way to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 lazy girl exercises you'll wish you had known sooner. If you want to live healthy, exercising is a major part of any healthy lifestyle. Whether you go for a walk every day or do some exercises like these ones at home, you're going to want to schedule your exercise in regularly. You might do different exercises on different days, but it's important that you do something active at least once a day to maintain your overall health and wellbeing. Walking, swimming, yoga, dance classes, team sports are all great ways to include exercise into your day. Sometimes people find that doing their exercise like walking first thing in the morning helps them to get it done and right away so that they don't skip doing it because of tiredness or becoming too busy. Exercise is just as important as any self-care routine like showering or eating healthy meals; it's one of the many simple ways we keep our bodies functioning properly by giving them what they need to thrive.

For many people sitting is a regular occurrence throughout the day, especially those who work desk jobs. Leading a sedentary life is linked to many health problems like heart disease, anxiety, depression, becoming overweight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Our bodies were actually designed to move around a lot, to do labor and to complete tasks that involve using the whole body. There are still some jobs that involve using the whole body like construction work, house cleaning, farming and others, but many jobs in this day and age involve staying in one place or sitting for a long time. When the body sits too long the blood doesn't circulate as well as it would if a person was up moving around, which can cause stagnation within the body. Stagnation in the body means stagnation in the organs which carry out functions in the body. We can keep things moving nicely by moving our bodies more often; it's as simple as that. So adding some exercises like these ones into your daily routine could have many positive benefits including looking good.

Chasing Foxes is a website dedicated to lifestyle subjects like health, food, relationships, money, style and more. They have a lot of great, easy to read articles offering practical lifestyle tips from two people who love to help others. The workouts aren't really lazy, but they are short workouts that are designed to easily fit into your busy lifestyle, so you don't miss out on exercising regularly. They even include a playlist with the first set of exercises which is pretty fun. The tracks last for a total of 10 minutes and include artists Kelly Clarkson, Sia, and Flo Rida. Adding music to your workout can really enhance your routine too. It pumps you up and gets you in the zone to do your exercises. You can put the music on in the room through your speakers, or play from your cell phone or computer, or you can wear headphones and wear your phone on your body in a secure place. For this workout, you complete as many circuits of the 5 exercises as you can in 10 minutes. Then, there are 9 other routines you can try out to diversify your exercise routine so you don't get too bored. So try incorporating some of these routines into your healthy lifestyle and watch your health and wellbeing improve. For more tips on how to live healthy, check out the Chasing Foxes website.***

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