10 Natural and Herbal Home Remedies to Get You Rid of Varicose Veins in No Time

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Here are 10 Natural and Herbal Home Remedies to Get You Rid of Varicose Veins in No Time. Varicose veins are not desirable, but they affect about 50 percent of women and about 40 percent of men. Varicose veins are bulging veins that most commonly appear in the legs. They are caused by weakened valves within the veins that carry blood from different parts of our body back to the heart. They appear in the legs because the blood has to pump harder and against gravity when it is down in the veins of the legs which causes more pressure on the valves over time. The most prevalent causes of getting varicose veins is getting older as well as hormonal changes, especially in women who have been pregnant or are on the birth control pill. People who are over weight can also experience varicose veins since there is more pressure on the veins in general. Having a job that requires you to be on your feet all of the time also puts a lot of pressure on your veins which can cause the varicose veins to occur, and sitting for too long can also cause them as well.

Varicose veins not only look unsightly, they can also cause the person who has them a lot of pain and trouble. You can often see a varicose vein if you have one, and it will be bluish in colour, and be raised above the skin quite prominently. You also may notice pain in the area where you have varicose veins after you have been standing or sitting for a very long time without moving your legs too much. You can also get a feeling of heaviness in your legs and even a throbbing sensation and also have restless legs that never feel like they are in a comfortable position so you feel you have to move them to keep them comfortable. If you have varicose veins, you know how annoying they can be, and there are ways of getting rid of them through using laser therapies or through minor vein surgery. But if you want to try a natural cure first, then the good news is that there are some natural home remedies for varicose veins. Natural medicine is wonderful and has been used for centuries. Before we had modern medicine that is practiced in hospitals, people used what they found around them in nature to assist the body in healing.

Natural News provides us with some of the more popular natural home remedies for varicose veins which can be used to effectively soothe varicose veins or to get rid of them altogether. Castor oil is one of the first natural cures mentioned on the list from Natural News' website, and rubbing some castor oil on your legs daily can reduce the symptoms of the varicose veins significantly. Massaging the castor oil into your legs also helps to increase circulation which helps the blood flow smoothly through your veins. Mustard oil is also great oil to massage yourself with, mustard oil has a natural heat to it that helps to stimulate your circulation and the oil also nourishes the veins in the process and reduces inflammation. You also can implement some herbs that you take orally into your daily routine. Foods like ginger root, bilberry, and hawthorn berry are excellent for varicose veins and they help to soothe the swelling and reduce inflammation. Of course, essential oils are wonderful for a range of ailments and there is a blend you can make for varicose veins that they mention on the Natural News website. Try out some of these great natural home remedies for a while and see how they work for you.***

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