10 Secrets About HBO's Adaptation

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Any avid readers of bestselling novels are more than aware of the plot twist that happens in characters such as Game of Thrones. That is why series or movies that are adapted from books have their own challenges. But so far, thing are going pretty well for George R. R. Martin.

The Daily Beast gets behind the scene conversation with Martin, Benioff and Weiss with the HBO Entertainment President Sue Neagle, the actors and other Game of Thrones technician and crews and talk about matters such as the direwolves, the weaponry, the sets, the Iron Thrones and many more.


When Ned Stark (Sean Bean) discovered the leftovers of a direwolves and her six pups, the producers wanted to use real wolves but then the animals had to work real close with child actors. So what they did was, Jim Warren, an animal trainer, got a Northern Inuit breed of dog. This type of dog is a Great Britain native and is similar to wolves. They have around 12 weeks to train the dogs since the dogs are not professional actors. According to Warren, these dogs were from rescues and private personnel who could not take care of the dogs anymore. The dogs were such a hit among the casts and crews of Game of Thrones that the 15-year old Sophia Turner (who plays Sansa) adopted one of the dogs after the production.


Creating weapons for the production is not an easy thing to do. The weaponry master Tommy Dunne and his team has designed thousands of weapons for the series and they are comprised of metal, rubber and aluminum versions. Dunne had to do a lot of research and studies on weapons which includes the Mongolian, Native Americans and Egyptian inspired weapons which are used by the Dothraki warriors.

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