20 Healthy Lunches Under 400 Calories

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Almost every women on the planet wanted to go on a diet after the holiday season. Most women have a New Year's resolution is to go on a diet, to be healthy and to stay fit. However, exercising alone will not help us to achieve the body that we want. We also need to change our diet and to eat healthy food. Here are 20 Healthy lunches under 400 Calories that can help us lose some weight. We can try these healthy, tasty lunches and eat with less calories everyday as long as we are willing to lose weight by not starving ourselves.

These are the 20 recipes for healthy lunches. The first one is Greek Chopped Pita Salad, it includes several healthy vegetables such as lettuce, garbanzo beans and cucumber. You just have to combine all the ingredients and you will have a tasty salad including delicious feta cheese.

Secondly is a Herbed Cheese & Tomato Sandwich. It is made with a low - fat cottage cheese, tomato and bagel and yummy served with an orange. |

Thirdly is BBQ Baja Burger, This vegetarian burger is served with healthy ingredients such as avocado and pineapple.

Next is the Tuscan Tuna Wrap. Olive oil, tuna, baby spinach and fresh parsley are the main ingredients. You just combine all of these then wrap it with tortillas.

Chicken Club Panini is the fifth recipe. Just microwave frozen vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and cauliflower together with a lean cuisine chicken club panini. Easy right? Here's more.

There are also some foods that you can get at a take out places such as Thai Chicken Salad with Thai peanut dressing from Au Bon Pain, and 6-Inch Roast Beef Sandwich with Pepper Jack and Sliced Apple from Subway along with the ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich and Mandarin Orange Cup from Wendy's and even the McDonald's Cheeseburger, Side Salad with Low-Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette and Apple Dippers.

Caesar Turkey Wrap is next on the list, this food is good to serve with apple. Burger with Feta & Spinach is a good combination with pear. Spinach is well known because of its nutritional benefits for those who will eat it.

A Balsamic Tuna Salad Sandwich is a good food with healthy benefits. Balsamic vinegar is an antioxidant and good for digestion.

Marinated Garden Lentil Salad Pita is in the eleventh place. To make it, you have to combine lentils, carrots, celery and pepper with salad dressing.

You can do a more healthy lunch such as Spinach Salad with Strawberries, combine all salad ingredients with a hard - boiled egg and kidney beans. To make it healthier, you can add 2 tablespoons vinaigrette. Spicy Bean & Guacamole Burritos is next on the list. You can serve it with red grapes and microwave the beans and salsa after stirring it. Wrap the warm bean mixture, guacamole and lettuce on tortillas.

Grilled Cheese with Turkey & Tomato is best serve with pea pods and ranch dressing. You can also try Pizza Burger and be creative with it but its really tasty served with apple. Meatball Sandwiches are tasty using spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese. The last delicious but healthy lunch is Chili & Chips. Combine chili and broccoli altogether then microwave it for about 5 minutes until the broccoli is tender. Put the chili mixture with shredded cheese and crushed chips on top.

Here are the complete list of our healthy lunches.Always remember if there is a choice, it is better to use fresh vegetables and secondly would be frozen not canned.

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