21 Creative Ways to use all those Wine Corks you've Saved

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It's always nice to give new life to recycled and reclaimed items that you may find around the house. These "21 creative ways to use all those wine corks you've saved," will have you never throwing out a wine cork again.

These 21 creative way to use all those wine corks you've saved, will have you looking at wine a whole new way. Some of the creative wine cork things you can make include; wine cork trees, these look rustic and lovely to be used at Christmas by filling vases with mini forest scenes using tree or garland clippings, wine corks and faux snow, the mini cork trees even look good on their own; garden markers, a great way to label and keep track of all the herbs in your garden with these natural and unique markers; candle accents, a unique way to surround your candles, just use a glass vase or two, a candle in a smaller glass holder and fill the larger with corks, looks great; tradition keeper, a unique way to save cherished memories is by writing the date and event on the corks, then displaying them in a tall glass vase on a bookshelf, for a lovely keepsake.

Who would of thought you could make a bath mat out of corks? This is the last place you would expect to find wine corks, but they work great as a bath mat when you step out of the shower onto this comfortable cork surface (see the site for full do it yourself details. This site is full of plenty of country design ideas, and photos of country inspired homes from all over the country. Some of the things you will find on this site include design ideas, food recipes, drink recipes, gardening ideas, craft ideas, antiques and so much more.

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