23 Craft Ideas Using A Tree Branch

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Sometimes, what we think are trash could be more than that. Few of the best craft designs come from simple, everyday things turned into art by a creative mind. Do you know that dried up branches that have fallen off from a tree could make a perfect piece in your living room? This kind of DIY approach will not be as pricy as you think. In fact, all you need is time, patience, and imagination to turn something usual into an eye-catcher.

They could be a candle holder, you can position the candles evenly along the boughs and you'll have something fascinating for a candlelight dinner. You can use those twigs to create a 3D portrait by enclosing it on a classic frame. Get those logs cut into smaller pieces and you will have native candle holders in your room that can give you that perfectly dim lit room at night. You can carve shapes too, for an effect. The branches can be used to stand in place of flowers. They're aesthetic and will surely make a good centerpiece. If they're too thin to be candle holders, you can use them to decorate an actual holder by putting them together around it. If you're all about books, you won't need the traditional shelf. You can have the branches setup as a shelf. It can also be used to hang coats, scarf, and almost anything goes. Anything that the branch could carry, that is. If you have the time, you can make a chandelier too it will be awesome to have something on the living room that you can look at and be proud of not because you bought it but because you did it. You can make something occasional like Christmas decors, or something for an all year round use, like coffee tables.

It's not necessary for you to spend a lot to get something beautiful done. You just need a little effort on the side, and recycled material in hand and you're good to go.

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