25 Crazy Rock Climbing Photographs That Will Make Your Palms Sweat

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The sweaty palms, the elvis leg, the utter terror in your gut of the possible fall below. These are the feelings that most climbers will experience at least once in their life when they are on a sketchy or high rise climb. The fear of heights is, for most people including climbers, something that is very real and very tangible. Some joke, that it is not so much the fall..but the landing..and for some kinds of climbing styles, this is a real fear.

On this planet that we call Earth, there are literally hundreds of spectacular places to rock climb. These places range from tall red moon like rocks to craggy cliffs overhanging raging rivers. One place that is out of this world is on a little beach called Krabi in Thailand. There are some rock places to climb that are low to the sand and you can go without ropes and fall into soft sand. A few of these places include Mount Khuiten, (Mongolia), The Andes (Peru), Mountain Everest (Nepal), The Matterhorn (Switzerland), Skaha Bluffs (Canada), Yosemite (California), The Rocky Mountains (Canada) and so many more. What makes a perfect climbing spot for one might be the temperature of the region, while for others it might be the proximity to a great nightlife. Some climbers prefer traditional routes high up in the mountains, while others get off on the social life found in some bouldering crags around the world. Whatever the case, if you love to climb, there are endless ideas and places to tie up your laces, get out your chalk bags and hit the rock with a sense of adventure and awe.

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