26 Charts Proving the World is Getting BETTER

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Today's news is all about negativity, and the society is being informed only of those things that are impacting the world in an unpleasant way. To name a few, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the ISIS movement and the Ebola outbreak that has imposed fright across the globe. What we fail to realize is that beneath all of these horrible reports, there are numerous instances that have gone unnoticed because it appears that they are less of a priority than the issues aforementioned. However, it's time we appreciate the goodness that lies in the bad ones for us to appreciate what we fail to see. The world is getting better and here's how you can prove it.

1. If there's any problem being faced by most of the nations, it would be poverty. Recently, it has been determined that it has decreased from 52% in 1981 to 43% in 1990 and 5 years ago, a drop to 21%. This is considered a phenomenal improvement when it comes to one of the biggest challenges being faced by many countries.

2. It has been noted that more countries are recovering from hunger as it was tracked that less are categorized on the red zone on this aspect.

3. The goal is to get rid of child labor has not been completely achieved but the drop equating to 1/3 of the total from 2000 2012 is considered an improvement.

4. Work schedules have been made more logical. In comparison to the past decade, it has been concluded that indeed, this area has improved.

5. The high standards of living causes the price of commodities to be very high, but between 1960 and 2007, the total expenditure spent by Americans on food decreased from 17.5% to 9.7 % and the total expenditures spent on foods at home decreased from 14.1 % to 5.6 %, and has not increased since then.

6. Life expectancy is on the rise. Even low-income countries are displaying gradual improvements on both male and female life expectancy.

7. The rate of child mortality has decreased to half since 1990.

8. Fatality upon childbirth has lowered down by 45 % between 1990 & 2013.

9. People are observed to be taller, which means nutrition is rarely becoming an issue, which means living standards are becoming more steady.

10. Malaria bed nets access has been expanded among larger groups.

11. Less cases of guinea worm has been reported, and is seen as good news because there is no cure to the infection of the said parasite.

12. There has been a decline of birth cases on the teen population, which dropped 38.4% annually between the years 2007 & 2013.

13. A drop in the rate of smokers in between 2014 and 1955, from 45 % to 21 %.

14. War among nations have shown a drastic decrease through the years.

15. Homicide has been deflected in European countries where it used to be so rampant.

16. US is also seeing lower numbers of homicide cases.

17. Violent crimes have been continuously trending down.

18. Nuclear weapons have been lessened, and some countries have willingly surrendered their weapons. This has a direct impact to war engagement as previously mentioned, and explains the trend.

19. It's starting to be an era of democracy. More countries are considering the shift of government from autocracy and communism to a democratic approach.

20. Education is being leveraged among countries with a definite standard of length and level.

21. Illiteracy rate is reduced to 1.6% as the educational systems have been standardized.

22. The rate of people who are homeless in the US has dropped to almost 32 % since 2007.

23. Moore's law consist of transistors is still in progress and continuously is on an upward trend.

24. Internet access is spread out and more people are able to have technology at hand.

25. Solar power is getting more economical.

After all, the earth is still a good place to live at and we just need to open our eyes and ears to realize this.

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