28 Animals With Dance Moves We Can All Be Jealous Of

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We all love to get a little funky and get our dance groove on at times, apparently no matter what species we are! These hilariously cute 28 animals with dance moves we can all be jealous of could win first prize in any human dance contest with their unique and silly dance moves. One of the coolest things is that animals seem to have the exact same types of dancing styles as people do; you name the type of dance and these animals can perform it.

These adorable and amazing little dancers range from cute ballerinas to hip jazz dancers to cheeky pole dancing puppies. Not to mention that you have to love the huge assortment of animals that can put it down for the cameras, from birds to cheetahs to even bears. There is something for every animal lover since you can see in pictures and videos the funniest and cutest dances from all over the animal kingdom.

I've always loved animals, especially dogs, and when I was growing up I would often partner dance with my golden retriever Simba, who was even bigger than I was at that age. I remember putting his forelegs on my shoulders and trying to do ballroom dancing; he was very patient and a good sport about it, he even had great legwork for a puppy. We can all admit that we have secretly tried to get our pets to dance before, and usually they aren't too thrilled by the idea. Luckily, there are always those hilarious oddball animals out there who were "born this way" and love to get silly while not caring whose watching. We can learn a great deal from our furry friends after all, as they prove that dancing is a universal expression of love, life and happiness.

Now you too can laugh so hard it brings tears to your eyes as you watch the silliest collection of adorable animals dancing you've ever seen. Please click the link below to the Distractify website now for the full list of these incredible furry dancers that we really ought to be jealous of.

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