29 Dogs Who've Just Made Poor Life Choices

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As an animal lover, you've probably heard your fair share of funny dog stories, and here we showcase 29 Dogs Who've Just Made Poor Life Choices. These moments are often captured in our memories and shared eloquently. Occasionally, experiences are captured in the form of a photograph and then the fun really begins. Having a photo to share means that collaboration happens and soon a theme or voice is put to the event.

Our canine friends can be a nearly constant source of entertainment. The following images portray some of those moments vividly. Poor life choices happen everywhere, and when they happen to dogs the outcomes can be hilarious.

Imagine that you are a bundle of energy, four legs and a tail. Your nose keeps you on high alert 24 hours a day and sometimes its the scents and smells of the outside world that become your biggest demon. After all, breaking free from the back yard seems doable, yes you're fenced in but there is a gate! The gate could be your salvation, but it is securely locked. You step back and reconsider your next move. Bob the Collie next door would go over but that's just not your style. You like a more tactical, well thought out plan, indeed you like practical solutions. Then it comes to you, the idea of all ideas. This is the way that your Friday afternoon will come to life and best of all no one will ever know. Beneath the bottom of the gate, there is a space a space just large enough to dig a little and slip right under. Those humans will never know, out and back with no evidence left behind. When the time comes to act upon the plan there is only one problem, half way under the gate and you're stuck. Not stuck like a little wiggle will fix it, no stuck like you're are busted and at some point your human will have to save you. Just an hour and a half later your human arrives and rather than immediately saving you they start snapping photos. Now not only have you humiliated yourself in front of your favorite human, the image will also be burned into the internet for the rest of eternity. Good times.

So whether it's the tiniest little toy poodle or a massive and gentle breed such as the great dane, these shenanigans put them in difficult predicaments that can be downright funny. You'll review these pictures multiple times and each time you will most certainly have a giggle.

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