30 Things You Didn't Know About Game of Thrones

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If you are an avid reader and follow the Game of Thrones on HBO, you are in for a surprise! Recently, the internet "exploded" with reports someone was leaking the first four episodes screener copies of Game of Thrones season five.

The rumours even went so far as to point out the four leaked episodes were leaked when HBO decided to run a documentary into the secretive religion of "Scientology". Conspiracy theorists deducted that some high-level CEO somewhere put some pressure on someone who happened to get their hands on a copy to pre-screen for blogs and online entertainment editorials.

The reason they know it was a leaked screeners copy is the leaked versions have the screeners names blocked out on the lower left-hand corner of the episode to prevent anyone finding their identity. HBO released some DMCA's and went after the sites offering the download, but a day later shows the GOT was downloaded and viewed over a million times. According to the reviews, the leaked tv episodes differ substantially, and the characters have story arcs changed. This means that to the readers of the fiction, the story viewed on TV will be different so everyone will be surprised.

The major plot lines seem to remain intact but Sansa stark, beloved Jon Snow and even Cersei seem to all have a few tweaks in their story lines and it will be neat to see how it all plays out. Of course it is important to note that on the forth episode that was leaked, across the top it stated "version one". This is one of the episodes that had the most changes to the story line so maybe they have a few versions.

This means that if HBO plays "version two", even the viewer that watched the "leaked versions" will be surprised. A great marketing ploy if that is revealed! The link below to 'The Telegraph' gives you 30 more things you didn't know about the Game of Thrones, so make sure you check it out.ideas that would be great for a cabin, cottage, home or a million dollar lodge.

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