3-Ingredient Bacon Bites

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Bacon Bites

3 ounces mozzarella string cheese, cut into 12 cubes

1 lb breakfast sausage, shaped into 12 patties

12 slices bacon

No Sugar Added Ketchup

1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste

1⁄4 cup apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon salt

1⁄2 teaspoon garlic powder

1⁄2 teaspoon onion powder



Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line a sheet tray with parchment paper.

Place one cube of cheese in the center of each sausage patty. Mold the sausage around the cheese making sure it is tightly sealed.

Next wrap a piece of bacon around the formed sausage. Place on the prepared baking sheet and freeze for 10 minutes.

Bake for 30 minutes until the bacon is crispy. Serve with no sugar added ketchup.


Combine all ingredients plus ¼ cup water in a small sauce pot. Simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes. Cool and serve.

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