5 Delicious Recipes Inspired by 'Game of Thrones'

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Are you keeping up with your Game of Thrones these days? It's amazing how it has become the rage of television entertainment, and now we see it pop up in our cuisine.

Yes, theme parties of specialised foods - all carrying us back to that last episode where we can bring ourselves into that fantasy world of knights and armour, peasants, torture, passion, love, sex... Oh, its just fabulous isn't it?

And who doesn't love a good theme party anyway? Any reason to dress up, call over your best of friends, serve up some gourmet platters, drink some wine, and just enjoy yourselves...Yes!

As we know it, the television series is based on the wars and social structures of high medieval western Europe. If we think about the foods that could fit into this theme - well, we are basically left with the best of options. Rich and decadent foods, wild game, expensive liquors and cocktails... its all about indulging. Gluttony is knocking at that big castle door of yours! At the same time, we have the option to get creative and make foods suited for the peasants, the slaves, or the lower strains of society. Poor man's pies or left over meats, scraps and anything really tossed away by the masters of the households. I look at these types of food options as really, the best opportunity to get super creative in the kitchen! Taking average foods or lets even go as far as saying 'discount foods' and elevating their flavour profiles and presentation to really gain that 'wow; factor from your guests!

Food is always something that brings people together, shares a story, and allows one to exercise their entertaining as well as creating skills in the kitchen. Food is no longer a means of survival but a way of life... Sharing food is important to show trust and relation between others. So go on, pencil in that theme cocktail party, flip on a passed episode of G.O.T and create the best of both worlds - the refined and the more humble - and let your hungry friends decide which they find more honourable.

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