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Do you love rock climbing? How about a little adventure trip to test your courage? Or perhaps you are just a photographer who would be interested in shooting some fantastic and breath taking scenes? No worries, you can choose from our list of different escapades that are sure to take your breath away. Feeling excited? I bet you do! Pack up your gear and make sure you have what you need for this wonderful adventure trip.

Nothing can compare to how nature makes it way, forming, mending and bending mountains, rocks, caves, cliffs and so much more into landscapes and natural sculptures that are amazing. Take even the rare cloud formations that we normally observed in our skies, these things completely illustrate the tremendous diversity that is present in all Earth's natural systems. These natural formations appear in different shapes and sizes.

Some of these wonders are formed from the collapsed sections of limestone bedrock? As you can see, this will reveal the water table beneath it. Some are formed from calcitefused mud, volcanic by product (natural phenomenon), sedimentary and limestone formations. By the way, these things took a couple of million years to have its wonderful formations that we say today!

Are you ready to conquer your fear of heights? Many of these amazing formations are located high on a cliff or a mountain and for those you will have to embark on a climbing expedition. Other's are in desserts and yet others near waterbodies. Are you excited to know where these rock formations are located? No problem! We have here a list of 60 images to help you choose and plan your next expedition.

Please visit Matador Network website below to get the list of these 60 breath taking natural wonders of the world and be prepared to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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