7 Ways to Get Toned While You Watch TV From the Tone It Up Girls

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Instead of Netflix and Chill, why not Netflix and Tone? As busy as life can sometimes get, maintaining our health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance. Cosmopolitan shares 7 ways to get toned while you watch TV. After a long day at work, you may find yourself wanting to come home and crash on the couch with your favorite show. The only problem with this is, you often get so comfortable that you don't want to get up again to get some exercise done. There are ways to get your workout done and still enjoy your favorite TV shows, so why not do both at once? The Tone Up Girls, Karena and Katrina, show us some great tips for healthy living in this fitness segment from Cosmopolitan magazine's website. You can do all of these easy exercises right in the comfort of your own home, and get toned while you watch shows. You don't need any fancy equipment, and you can use your furniture as props for your TV watching work out. If you're trying to create your healthy lifestyle routine, maybe watching TV while you workout will be a great way to make it a bit more fun and accessible to you. Just put on your newest favorite show and get moving.

Working out while watching TV or listening to music is great because it gives us something else to focus on while we're feeling the burn. Working out requires some focus, but it's easily done while you're watching or listening to something. So while your body is working out, doing repetitive movements, your mind can be focused on something else. That's why people have put TVs up in gyms and fitness centers; people like to catch up on their favorite shows while they work up a sweat. This workout from the Tone Up Girls is a very simple one and only consists of 7 moves. You can also get in some cardio by putting your stair climber or treadmill in front of your TV and walking or running while you watch your show. These exercises from the Tone Up Girls work all areas of your body and use your own body weight to work the different muscle groups. The workout routine consists of moves like triceps dips with a kick, bicycle crunches that you can do on your couch, leg lifts you can do while laying down on your couch, split squats and the plank.

You'll want to do at least 10 - 20 repetitions of each exercise and then repeat the whole workout at least twice. You can do the whole thing as many times as you want depending on your personal fitness goals, but doing them twice should be good enough. You can also add in other exercises that you enjoy doing to the routine to make it your own. Things like jumping jacks or push-ups can also be done in front of the TV, and you don't need much space in the room or any equipment to do them. An easy workout routine like this would be great to add to any healthy lifestyle that will maintain your health and wellbeing. For more tips for healthy living, you should check out the Cosmopolitan website in their health and fitness category. They also feature great healthy recipes that make eating healthy easy, as well as fitness challenges and information on stress reduction. Cosmopolitan has always been a favorite magazine for young adult women, and even though they still run their in-print magazine, they now have a very active online presence. Enjoy this and other home workout routines and get ready to work up a sweat while you catch up on your favorite shows.***

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