8 Simple Tips For Better Vibes At Home And The Workplace

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This is a great article about "raising your vibration" and these eight simple suggestions are a great way to start. I have personally done most of the suggestions provided and felt an increase in my positive energy. It was a gradual shift, but I noticed it right away when I started with the action the article first states: Intention.

Intention was "cultivated" in my home with the addition of a blackboard wall and then weekly "uplifting or motivational" quotes were added in chalk and various fonts. At the office, I purchased a cheap "window marker" - a felt pen that can be used on multiple surfaces and is easily wiped clean. I found writing a peaceful quote on my windows added to the view and helped set the "Intention".

Another topic this article mentions is "pleasant fragrances." I would like to further this suggestion by encouraging "environmentally safe and natural fragrances". To further this suggestion, I would visit a health food store or an aromatherapy store. While there, I would smell an assortment of natural essential oils and inquire which one works best for "stabilizing or peacefulness". Once I found a few I liked I would either get an oil burner (with a candle) or a diffuser (which puts the smell into the air).

Essential oils can be used in the bath, and some can be used as personal fragrance so you can just smell your wrist and instantly get a little "positive" pick-me-up. The article also mentions "burning sage." This is a great idea to start. Burning sage is said to eliminate negative thoughts, and there are special types of sweet grass and spirit-wood that can be burned as well. They have varying and pleasant smells and are used in different traditions to "increase prosperity or protection". There are incenses you can buy that have been blessed or handmade in monasteries around the world. A favorite of mine is "nag-champa" which is available at most alternative medicine or health food stores.

This article has some great ideas about "raising your vibration" so make sure you read the whole thing at the 'Raise Your Vibrations' website below.

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