90-Year-Old Tortoise Whose Legs Were Eaten By Rats Gets Prosthetic Wheels And Goes Twice As Fast

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Turtles have the butt end of many jokes, they are well known for many of their qualities, but for the most part, they are a symbol of slow speeds. That is, that was until this 90 year old tortoise whose legs were eaten by rats gets prosthetic wheels and goes twice as fast. Yes, that's right, somebody so graciously offered to perform a small technical feat in order to reestablish this young turtles ability to freely move about. This turtle was a pet of a family who was clearly very adored. So much so, that when its legs were eaten, the young man who is an engineer, decided to remove some wheels from a model airplane to put them instead, on their little slow friend. The tortoise is now cruising faster than any of his friends thanks to this generous deed.

Forever turtles have been known to be slow, but this little guy will be challenging the status quo, because he is now anything but slow.. in fact he is super fast ! His wheels will still need to be changed every so often as they wear out, but they will be able to replace them indefinitely allowing this turtle to continue his long life. Since turtles can live to be hundreds of years old, at 90 years old, this little pet is in fact quite young. If he didn't have this performance done to him, who knows if he would have survived, but the chances are that he would have died. It's such a great thing that he was able to continue his life thanks to his loving family. We don't usually think of turtles as a go to pet, but that doesn't mean they aren't great companions. His owners even went so far as to bring him to the vet and spent 1,000 to try and bring him back to health. But it didn't work, so the wheels were actually a last resort.

There's a video of him cruising on the page so you can check out how he gets around in style. You will certainly be amazed! It's incredible what people can do with a little ingenuity and a lot of heart and care. We all love our family members and would do anything to help them, and that includes our pets. So go ahead to the "Bored Panda" website to checkout this article today, by clicking on the link below!

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