A VERY TALL Man Wants To Buy A VERY SMALL Horse! Ironic Or What?

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OMG, how incredible and ironic that one of the tallest men in the world, Shaquille O'Neill, wants to buy the smallest horse in the world, this incredibly cute and darling tiny pony named Einstein whose already becoming a global superstar! Standing in at just one foot eight inches this tiny horse has drawn the attention of several megastars such as Shaq and even Paris Hilton who both posted on Twitter about the incredible tiny horse stating how they would love to purchase him for themselves. They're not the only ones interested in him, as Einstein has already inked himself a book deal with Disney and is expected to go on his book tour on his 1st birthday. You have to love how this tiny horse will make a national tour to promote his own photo book, and at such a young age too. Einstein is only 7 months old now but expected to one day get the Guiness World Record for smallest horse on the planet and he's already developing a huge fan base which may soon make him the most popular horse in the world as well.

Growing up, I've always loved riding horses and find them incredible gentle giants that are an incredibly joy to be around. After dogs they are by far my favourite animal, yet the idea of having a horse under two feet tall is baffling and revolutionary. There will have to be a new word such as "lap horse" to describe them since if you owned Einstein you could rub his belly while he lay on your lap and it would feel odd having a horse the same size as a medium sized dog. One day you might even be able to carry around a miniature horse in your purse, and the new fad will be having indoor mini-horses instead of dogs as pets. Personally I am going to follow Einstein's story very carefully and hope that one day I could have a tiny pony all my own.

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