A Yoda Origin Story?

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Since Disney bought Star Wars, the company promised spin-off movies to go along with the much-awaited third installment. One of the prospective subjects that they have in mind has to do something with Yoda. There are so many ideas being thrown at them related to it and we found something that is interesting and it's related to Yoda's origin story. It might not be a genius idea for some, but it doesn't sound bad at all if you come to analyze it.

Yoda's species, also known as tridactyls, has always been a mystery. Yoda has appeared in the prequel of the trilogy where characters like Master Vandare Tokare and Oteg were mentioned along with their origin, but not once have we heard of the tridactyls. George Lucas has always been silent about it, but now that he no longer owns this franchise; we think it's about time that someone writes the origin of the great Yoda. It's only fair that fans should know more about this character that has helped shaped the entire story of the film.

If you come to think of it, there is a lot of potential stories that could flow from it if someone finally decides to focus on Yoda's species. First, the tridactyls are highly powerful in the Force because as we all know, Yoda is the standard for Medichlorians. And in the whole Star Wars universe, there is only one being that is known to be stronger than them and that a being is made by Sith Alchemy. They are very rare and you will also notice that they are reptilian that has three toes.

Another question that could be a part of a good story behind its origin is that who could've created the tridactyls. Looks like this just gets more interesting.

To learn more about the idea behind the origin of Yoda, check out the website Cian Beirdd below.

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