Amazing Locations! Crystal Gemstone Mountain in Egypt

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Now this is an impressive sight to see. Check out Crystal Mountain in Egypt, which is literally a mountain of crystals. Anyone who visits this beautiful place will get super charged by all of the amazing crystals that make up the mountain. The crystals are mostly Calcite and Barite which are grown from limestone. This magical site was formed during the Oligocene era most likely, and has become a popular tourist destination for those who love crystals, and for those who just have to see what a crystal mountain is all about. These crystals form because of the intense heat of volcanic matter mixed with limestone and other minerals. Upon cooling, the crystalline formations are created, leaving us with these gorgeous looking crystals that cover the sand dunes and hillsides.

Calcite can be found all around the world, anywhere there is limestone, you may be able to find calcite. Although its not one of the most valuable crystals, it still has value in it's ability to be used in spiritual therapy and natural healing therapies. You don't even have to travel to Egypt to find a nice piece of calcite crystal, although, a trip to see this crystal mountain could make it onto your bucket list. You can purchase calcite crystals of all shapes, sizes and colours online for very affordable prices, or, you can visit your local crystal or metaphysical shop and purchase it there. It's always nice to support your local businesses when you can. Calcite looks quite similar to quartz crystals, but it is different in it's chemical make-up. Calcite also has refracting abilities which can make it look like you are seeing double when you look through it. When it is placed on top of one word written on a page, it will appear that there are two words instead of one. The colours of calcite vary depending on the other minerals that are involved in the creation of the crystal. Some are clear, which make them appear to be similar to quartz crystals. There are also pink, red, orange and blue calcites.

These crystals can be used in natural therapy to help with back pain, and with bone health in general since it is said to be able to help people be able to absorb calcium easily. It's also great in aiding in digestion and immune health. Emotionally, calcite is a great for diffusing heavy energies and can restore a sense of peace. It is also known to be great for natural healing therapies like energy clearing and balancing, especially with the chakras, which are the energy centres of the body. Even when calcite is placed in a room, it does a great job of dissolving negative energy and restoring positive energies. Students like calcite for it's ability to help them keep a clear, focused mind, which comes in handy when studying hard. Many calcite pieces are cut into geometric shapes which looks really cool. Always remember that crystals are not a cure-all, and while they may help you in some regards, they are not a substitute for regular health care.

Crystals and natural therapy is becoming more widespread and mainstream. You can find professionals having a collection of crystals on their desk, or in their offices to increase the positive energy in their workspace. There are also natural healing therapies that consist of making crystal essences, which are made by infusing water with the essence of a crystal to be taken orally. Try out some of the different crystals you feel pulled to try, and see what amazing benefits they can bring to your life.***

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