Are You A Heyoka? The Most Powerful Type Of Empath

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Have you ever wondered why you feel more sensitive than most other people? Maybe you also pick up on the energy of other people as well and can even feel their emotions. You may be an empath. An empath is a person who can feel the energy and the emotional state of another. So if you're an empath, you may notice that you feel sad around someone even though you didn't feel sad before you were around them. This is because empaths have a keen ability to tune into other people. They are very conscious of the energy wherever they go, and they are extremely sensitive as well. They are so sensitive to energy that they may even take on the emotions or illnesses of others. Apparently, there are different types of empath, and one of them is the Heyoka empath who are the most spiritually attuned of all empaths. Heyoka is an Indigenous word that means sacred clown which refers to this empaths ability to heal people through their humour. They are able to see the humour in a situation, and they are also able to help people become conscious of the humour in their own situations so that they can heal. While it's important to see a situation for what it is and honour the truth, sometimes we can't take life too seriously either. Heyokas and empaths also act as a mirror which can reflect people's behaviour back to them so they can see themselves and begin to heal.

Unlike other healers who heal using crystals or other healing modalities, the Heyoka uses their energy to hold space for others to heal themselves. An empath or a Heyoka can cause a change in perspective which will allow the person to see themselves in a new light so they can come to love themselves and honour themselves and others better. Heyoka and empaths have a very keen understanding of other peoples emotions so they will provide each person with just what they need to heal. They may not work in conventional healing positions or modalities in a formal way, but they heal and hold space for people out in the world in their everyday life. Talking with an empath or a Heyoka can help a person take the next step on their spiritual and personal journey in life. There are some different ideas that may help you figure out if you're a Heyoka. Some of them include being born in the breech position, being dyslexic, left-handed and thinking differently than everyone else. Heyoka and empaths are very emotional people as well and need a lot of time to process emotions.

If you are Heyoka, you might notice that after having a deep conversation with someone, they will often have changes in their perception of themselves and the world. You don't have to be Heyoka; you can still use this energy to help yourself and others to navigate life. While it is important to honour the truth of a situation and feel our true feelings about it, it's also important to not take life too seriously either. If you resonated with any of these characteristics, you might be an empath or a Heyoka, and you may want to watch some more videos and read up on more about the subject. Empaths, in general, will usually need a lot of time to themselves to nurture and take care of themselves, especially after being around others for a long time. If you are really sensitive and conscious of other people's energy, it's important to also protect yourself and to set boundaries as needed.***

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