Astral Projection in Less Than 3 Minutes - Beginners Guide

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Have you ever wondered if there is more than just our physical experience? Many spiritual beliefs and practices involve us getting into closer connection with our souls and the spirit world. This includes practices like meditation and prayer or something known as astral projection or an out of body experience. Astral projection as shared by Tree Of Life on YouTube is the act of the soul separating from the body to travel the astral or nonphysical realm. Much like it is believed that our souls separate from our bodies when we pass on, astral projection is a way of doing this while we are alive. You may have seen the movie Doctor Strange, where the hero in the movie is able to do astral projection, or you may have read about it in books. It's quite a fascinating subject, and many people have done it and had very interesting experiences. The idea of astral projection goes back to ancient times. Shamans throughout the ages have helped people navigate their visions and lucid dreams through astral projection. It can even happen through hypnosis. While there is no way to actually scientifically prove whether or not the soul leaves the body through astral projection, the feelings generated from these experiences are real to the people experiencing them. Most scientists would say that it's just fantasizing or dreaming.

Although, people who have experienced this will say that their astral travels were way too vivid not to be real. Astral projection can even seem very profound, and some people even call it a life-altering experience which is why so many others wish to try it. For the most part, astral projection is fairly simple and won't affect your health or wellbeing drastically. As mentioned before, it may even have some positive effects on you. As with anything, make sure you do your research before you do it, and only do things that resonate with you fully, and that feels right to you. It's basically like a meditation and a visualization, so you'll want to be relaxed while you're doing it. In the video from Tree Of Life, they advise people to lay down in a comfortable place and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and let everything else fade into the background. Basically, you're going to put your body and mind into a dream-like state so you can relax completely.

The video also explains how to avoid sleep paralysis which can happen when your body doesn't transition from a deep sleep into wakefulness effectively. The part of your brain that controls movement will turn off while you're sleeping and dreaming, so you don't hurt yourself. So if you're dreaming that you're playing a sport, you won't kick or swing your arms around in real life, only in your dream. You can wake up while your body is still in this mode which is called sleep paralysis. If you experience this regularly while sleeping it's best to your doctor about it to come up with some solutions for your health and wellbeing. Sometimes people get sleep paralysis because they are stressed, and they are not sleeping well. So focusing on self-care and healthy living is key since sleep plays a major role in healthy living and our health and wellbeing. If you experience it when you're trying to astral project, you can try the tips in the video that tell you how to ease out of it on your own. If you want help with trying astral projection or hypnotic states in a safe environment, it's best to see a professional hypnotist who has experience in this area.***

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