Aura Test: Pick a Gemstone and See What it Means

Do you want to know what colour your aura is? This simple and fun aura test from Universe Inside You on YouTube gives you some insight into what colour your aura is and what that signifies. All you have to do is choose a gemstone that stands out the most to you and then check into what that could mean for you personally. If you're not familiar with what your aura is, it's basically your personal energy field surrounding your body. Since every living being is made up of energy, there are energetic components that make up our energy body, or as some call it, our subtle body. In this day and age, we are very tuned into our physical body and the physical senses, but we also have other aspects to our being including the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of ourselves. So in order to be in balance for our own health and wellbeing, we have to pay attention to the subtler messages our inner selves are trying to tell us. In the video, they explain how in Chinese Medicine which is an ancient complementary and alternative medicine they say that usually, people will gravitate toward colours that radiate a certain energy that they need in their lives at the present moment. You can also gravitate toward colours that correspond to how you're feeling at a particular moment or one that represents your general energy signature.

The different colours of the gemstones could also represent the energies of the different chakras in your subtle energy system. The chakras are 7 different energy centres in our energy body that govern different aspects of ourselves, our emotions and the health and wellbeing of our organs. So you could choose a colour that connects with a particular chakra that you're emanating the energy of, or that you may want to balance. It's not an exact science, but it's very interesting to work with different complementary and alternative medicine to connect on a deeper level with yourself. It will help you get in touch with yourself and any emotions that you may need to feel to heal. In the video, you can see the 6 gemstones they have laid out that all have different colours and a different energy or healing properties. You can choose a gemstone to find out more about what you may be working with on a deeper level. It's also believed that the energies of the stone you choose will help you to tune into the energy you need to help you out with any situation you're in.

It helps to take a few deep cleansing breaths before you get started. So take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then, look at the photo or the paused video of all of the different gemstones and notice which one your eyes are attracted to the most. There could even be more than one that you're attracted to. These are the stones that you'll want to read more about or listen to on the recording. Remember, this is all open to interpretation, so take what resonates with you and what feels right to you. For example, on the video, they say that if you choose Moonstone that you may need to release your emotions that you try to hide. The soothing energy of Moonstone can help you with feeling your emotions and living a healthy lifestyle. So you may also want to purchase the gemstones that resonated with you the most from this fun aura gemstone quiz. Try it out for fun and see what results you get.***

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