Bold Season 5 Predictions Based on Early Episode Titles

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The internet was a flurry over the last week with the commencement of the fifth season of Game of Thrones. HBO's highly anticipated show has had the first four episodes of its amazing show leaked by a screeners copy circulating the torrents and downloading sites of the internet. Although HBO tried to issue a DMCA to take down the offending links, the damage was done with the episodes being downloaded over a million times in the first day. As the screeners copies were verified and people started to watch, it became clear that the tv versions were going to stray from the story lines in the books so this means everyone will be in for a bit of a surprise. This could be a great thing but the first four titles released seem to indicate that most of the story line aims true to the books.

The first episode is called "The Wars To Come" and it focuses on Tywins escape and how Cersei and Jamie are dealing with a world without their father and brother.The Dragon queen learns of a new threat to her reign in the form of "Sons of the Harpy" and is tempted by one of her advisors. Jon and the Nights Watch is a focal point of the episode. The second episode claims that Arya arrives in Braavos at "The House of Black and White". Cersei also fears for her daughters safety in case Dorne in case people seek revenge for the death of Oberyn. The third episode called "High Sparrow" and bounces between Arya meeting the many faced god in Braavos, and Queen Margaery enjoying her husband and new status in Kings landing. The last episode veers from the books and involves Sansa Stark and her escapades.

If you are as excited about me for these episodes, please ensure you read the below link to the 'Film School Rejects' website to get a larger synopsis and make your own predictions for the 5th season of Game of Thrones.

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