Connecticut Might Be the Latest State to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Connecticut might be the next state to legalize recreational cannabis. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis followed by Oregon, Washington State, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Alaska. Many of the other states have either made it legal for medicinal use, or they have decriminalized it. There are still regulations around growing pot and people can be charged for growing more than the legal amount of cannabis. Now Connecticut may soon join the list of states where cannabis is legal. Some of the lawmakers are still opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana. On April 8, 2018, Connecticut's Appropriations Committee voted 27-24 in favour of creating a plan to regulate and legalize cannabis. House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz says that since there are social and economic implications in regards to legalization, it's something that they will look at carefully. The pressure to legalize comes along with other states that are doing it or that are in the process of deciding on whether or not to legalize it. In the end, Joe has the final say on holding a vote and make the final decision.

Many people are opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana thinking that it will send a bad message to the state. However, the legislation will create a plan that will also provide substance abuse treatment, education and prevention. The proposal will be in by October 1, 2018, and then will be given to the General Assembly. There are also many representatives that are for the legalization of recreational marijuana as long as there are restrictions in place. They would have a legal age limit to access to cannabis much like alcohol. So to access or use cannabis a person would have to be 21 or over. It's also important to see that 70% of Connecticut state residents strongly or somewhat support legalizing marijuana with restrictions and taxes. So people living in the state may already want this to happen too. There are an increasing number of people who are using cbd and thc with other alternative therapies to ease pain caused by many different illnesses. People with severe, chronic pain have benefitted from alternative therapies including cannabis products with cbd and thc in them. Thc is the psychoactive component of cannabis which is where most people will experience a type of high or euphoric state. The cbd, on the other hand, is the part of the chemical make up of the plant that still has benefits but doesn't produce any high or psychoactive effects.

Cbd and thc can be found together in most strains of cannabis, but the levels are different in each strain making different strains good for different purposes. For someone who experiences depression, a strain with more thc might be good for them to try as a part of alternative therapies for depression. Whereas someone with anxiety might experience more anxiety with too much thc. So cbd would be a better option for them since it's known to produce calming effects on the nervous system. Cbd can also be used in creams to loosen tight muscles or for pain and arthritis. Some people have even used it to calm seizures. The government just wants to regulate selling and growing pot so that the black market can fade. So people could be growing pot for their own use, but not to sell unless they had a proper license. So even though legalization of marijuana seems like it would just be a free for all, there will still be a lot of regulations in place to protect people. Check out the short video on Facebook for more.***

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