Could Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Be of Extraterrestrial Origin?

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The alien and UFO groups are humming with statements of extraordinary old Egyptian relics revealed in the previous Jerusalem home-based of the well-known Sir William Petrie, an Egyptologist, these items may possibly alter old Egyptian history and certainly the history of the world.

The website, Paranormal Crucible intended to show old Egyptian figure relics initially originated in the Giza complex, however it was reported to be taken away from Petrie's Jerusalem household by councils of the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum immediately after it was found, based on the website UFO Sightings Daily.

Based to the Shepard Ambellas, editor-in-chief of the unusual news website Intellihub News, the creature Egyptian relics were found buried in a underground room behind the Egyptologist's bookcase. Petrie had seemingly discovered evidence of extraterrestrial existence on Earth before he died in 1942, but decide on to hide them away in his Jerusalem household. At this time the Rockefeller Museum has full ownership of the relics, alien and UFO experts afraid they may never be available to the public. Nevertheless, Ambellas stated that you can see some of the remainders at the Petri Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in Malet Place, Camden, near Gower Street, London.

Meanwhile, in November of 2010, several UFO and alien news webpage stated in that Dr. Alaaeldin Shaheen, Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, acknowledged, in answer to a question regarding the ET relations of the pyramids and that the old Egyptian pyramids are not of this world.

Anyhow, such renunciations don't affect UFO and ET supporters, who perceive proof of cover-up schemes when officers and researchers refute to disclose reports before endorsed to them.

UFO and ET experts linger to argue why Sir William Petrie and his associates kept back these significant alien Egyptian relics top-secret and did not announce them to the overall community.

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