DIY River Stone Doormat

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Are you a stone collector? For many people that live near river or stony areas, a typical outing may entail walks along the river banks collecting stones. Kids seem to love to pick stones and if you live in an area where there are lots of river stones that are flat, instead of just having piles of these treasured collections sitting in buckets; you could use them instead to make your own decorative river stone doormat.

River stones are actually versatile and there are numerous things that you can do with them. From garden landscaping, succulent planter and table, placemats, doormat, pathway, kitchen back-splash, boots tray and a lot more. What makes them beautiful is that they're glossy, and smoothly shaped by the water.

What you are required for this project is just river rocks, power grab glue and a power grab mat. The mat in this photograph uses rocks that were purchased, but if you're a rock collector enthusiast that already have your stones at ready; then you can actually create your own mat with those! You can be sure the kids will be very enthusiastic to help and maybe this would be a great gift idea for someone in your family.

Gloves are a must for this DIY project to protect your skin. This project only takes a few hours tops plus drying time, so you can make it a fun project for as many of your doorways as you wish. Doormats are useful to help keep an entry cleaner. If you are in an area where you are in a constant battle with winds blowing and moving your lightweight mat, this river stone doormat may be just the thing. You can get creative if you have more than one colour of stone and make up your own design within the mat. Have fun!

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