DIY: Wine Glass Candle Lamps

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Most of us want to surprise our loved ones or it could be anyone close to our hearts. A Bouquet of fresh flowers wrapped in fancy papers..A Human sized cuddly teddy bear... It could be jewelry or anything that will make them smile and of course make that moment one of the many most unforgettable. How about a candlelight dinner under the moonlight? Isn't it romantic? Oh my, it is! Sumptuous self prepared food and a charming music for the background will certainly change the ambiance.

Now that dinner prepared it's time to set up the table. Plates, glasses, utensils and napkins are all in place. Don't forget the candle lamp to set the right mood. And since you prepared everything why not make your own wine glass candle lamp! Just to add more of a personal touch. This Do-It-Yourself lamp will definitely create a distinctive and intimate ambiance.

Let's get started by collecting these materials: 22cm x 28cm sheets of vellum/lamp, scissors, glue pen, decorative bladed scissors and paper punch, tea light and floral clay and the wine glass. I would suggest using white or beige wine glass because it shines more. To start, get a pattern from this website and trace it to the vellum then cut it out. At the lower part of the vellum punch your preferred evenly spaced designs. Apply a thin line of glue on one end then place the other end over this one and glue the shade together. Put the candle on top of the wine glass. Tada! You now have a DIY wine glass candle lamp. Just wait for the right moment and carefully lit your lamp. Imagine the smile and amazement on your loved one's face once the light comes out from the lamp. You just made that night unforgettable and worth remembering!

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