Do You Take Showers Or Baths? The Answer Could Have A Huge Effect On Your Health

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Almost everyone loves a good bubble bath every now and again. Baths can be a calm and relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day. There's something fun, and nostalgic about taking a bath. Unfortunately, adults don't always get to take as many baths as they want, mostly because baths take longer than showers, baths are not as convenient as showers, and showers just seem to be easier. Baths are good for you, and there are plenty of reasons why. Not only are baths the perfect way to relax with a glass of wine at the end of a long day, but baths also have a lot of health benefits as well. You will want to read the full article for why baths are a great addition to your day. The following are just some of the reasons baths are so good.

1. One of the best reasons that baths are good for you is that they are natural therapy that can help delay aging. According to dermatologists, taking baths can help to reduce aging and adult acne. This is because baths can help lower cortisone levels in the body. Cortisone is a stress hormone that increases acne and induces premature aging. In order to get the full benefits and natural therapy, you have to make sure to moisturize properly after your bath, so your skin doesn't get dehydrated.

2. Baths are a natural therapy that helps sore muscles. Applying heat to inflamed or sore muscles is a way to help your muscles relax. So in the bath, you are fully submerged in warm water, which is an excellent natural therapy to relieve the muscles in your body. Additionally, bath additives such as Epsom salt and essential oils can help relieve aches and pains as well.

3. Baths are a healthy living tip that gets you just as clean as showers. Some people think that they don't get as clean by taking a bath. The only time that showers are better than baths is when you're dirty or sweaty from exercising or being outdoors. If you're just washing off from a regular day, a bath is a great way to get as clean as a shower.

4. Baths are a good natural therapy for your skin. When living healthy you use hot water to help dehydrate your skin, so many people think that showers are better than baths for the skin, but that's not the case. Your body has all of the natural oils that it needs, and both showers and baths can actually strip your body of these nourishing oils. So the difference between the two types of bathing is that you can add additives such as essential oils, bath bombs, mineral salts, oatmeal, honey into your bath. These additional bath ingredients can help to moisturize and replenish your skin. You just want to moisture when you get out of the tub.

5. Baths are just one way to living healthy. Baths can help to burn as many calories as cardio. Taking a hot bath is a healthy living tip that can burn as many calories as working out. A one-hour bath can burn about 130 calories, which is the same as a half-hour walk. But with that said you shouldn't replace taking baths with exercising, but it can be a great healthy living tip to your workout regimen.

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