Does This Picture Prove Aliens?

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Could it be true? Does This Picture Prove Aliens? Conspiracy theorists and alien hunters everywhere have new hope that an odd anomaly found in photos taken by the Apollo 15 moon landing might be proof that the NASA astronauts were, in fact, not alone on their mission. Here is just one more photo that leads many people to wonder if in fact there is alien life among us. Every so often a new photo arises whether it be pyramid shaped formations on Mars, to the dome-like shape on the Red Planet, which might point at the chance many people have believed all along. Of course, there will always be skepticism regarding these claims until we have absolute proof that we can't deny. Until then it is fun to look at the photos that can't help but make you wonder if all the theories are true. One way or another, maybe one day we will know!

You will want to take a look at the short video on the site, and decide what you think. Does it look like aliens to you? It's really difficult to decide, it looks like something! The video called UFO at Mount Hadley was posted to YouTube by Streetcap 1, a paranormal channel. The photo is from 1971, so no photoshop here. It shows in the photo, the official NASA image available online to view, the odd unknown shape in the background of the photo has alien, and UFO hunters are calling it craft-like. Editor of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C Waring says the image was from an old Apollo 15 photo that was taken during their moon walk. In the photo it appears that the UFO has two wing-like features that bend downward. It is perfectly balanced on both sides, with a center as to look like a ship, and it is aimed directly at the astronauts who are walking on the moon. Whoa! The UFO ship appears to be watching them. Sceptics are telling a different story, saying it could be anything from lens flare to a smudge on the lens.

For years, we have heard stories about UFO sightings and theories. You may have seen something on television, a website or possibly in books. A UFO, also known as an unidentified flying objects, is just an apparent anomaly that is found in the sky, that can not be identified as something we know. UFOs have been long associated with claims of extraterrestrial life visitation and are the source of popular fiction. Most often, UFOs are later identified, but there are times when a photo or video can't be properly identified due to the possible low quality of the photos or the low grade that the video is in. For the most part, studies have found that UFO sightings are just objects that are misidentified or natural phenomena, or end up being things like balloons, clouds, aircraft, or astronomical objects such as meteors or bright planets. Occasionally some are even hoaxes. A low percentage of sightings, between five and twenty percent, are not explained, and these are classified as unidentified. A lot of people think that the unexplained or unidentified

reports are that of alien spacecraft, and while that idea can't be excluded altogether, they also can't be identified because of lack of information. So we just don't know, do we?

Do you believe there is extraterrestrial life on other planets? It's a big universe out there, and the thought of being the only planet with life may at times seem unlikely. But for now, we'll just have fun wondering, and listening to what the conspiracy theorists have to say.

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