Every Empath Will Try to Hide These 11 Things From You

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Have you heard of people being referred to as empaths? If so, you may be wondering what it means to be an empath and if you might be one yourself, or if you have empaths in your life. In healthy relationships, it helps to understand how other people work so that we can care for them and connect with them. Empaths are highly sensitive people who have a higher awareness of the energy and emotions of other people. Often to the point that they will end up taking on people's energy or emotions which can be very taxing on their own health and wellbeing. This can be especially difficult if they are around unhealthy or toxic people. From the video on YouTube, there are several things you can learn about empaths so that you can either understand yourself better if you're an empath, or you can understand those who you may feel are empaths.

1. First of all, an empath may not always tell you how sensitive they are. They will look strong on the outside, but often they are very vulnerable and highly sensitive. They simply don't want to inconvenience anyone, so they tend to take everything on themselves, and sometimes they hide their emotions.

2. As mentioned before, empaths tend to absorb or take on other people's energy. So even if you don't notice it, if you're feeling stressed, the empath in your life may feel stressed. They can feel other people's emotions and energy so sometimes they confuse it as their own.

3. For the most part, empaths are introverted, and they value their alone time a lot. Since they are so sensitive other people's energy, they need to be alone to recharge their batteries quite often when they do go out. They also may prefer to spend time with one or two people instead of a large group, and they appreciate one on one connections the most.

4. Nature is very healing for empaths. Since they have a higher awareness of energy, nature is very calming and soothing to them. So take an empath in your life on a nature walk to replenish their spirit, and they will love it.

5. Since they have a higher awareness of energy and other people, they are very skilled at reading people and can feel a person's true intentions. They are also very keen at detecting when people are lying even though they may not always call people out on it.

6. The empath is a giver, and they always want to help other people. This can mean that they put themselves aside too much or they ignore their own feelings. So if you see them overextending themselves for others, you could let them know that they might benefit from giving to themselves a little more. It's not selfish; it's self-care.

7. Empaths also tend to be targeted by toxic or unhealthy people. Manipulative and abusive people target empaths because of how forgiving, and understanding empaths are and because they will be more likely to turn a blind eye to the abuse or manipulations. So if an empath has been manipulated or abused in the past, they will most likely be relatively cautious of others in the future for good reason.

8. They are very intuitive and tuned into their inner voice. Their higher awareness also means that they are very intuitive and they can make a decision just based on the feeling they get.

9. The empath also tends to become very overwhelmed and stressed quite easily. If they have too many things to do at once, they can become overwhelmed and even burn out which can lead to health problems.

10. Just as they can become targets for toxic people, they can also be taken advantage of because of their understanding nature.

11. They are the most loyal people ever. If you have an empath in your life, consider yourself lucky, they are one of the best friends and loved ones you could ask for.***

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