Extra storage shelving in your garage

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This diy wood projects for Extra storage shelving in your garage is a great idea for some extra space in your home. To buy extra storage kits it can cost you anywhere from $50 to $350, so this fun wood projects is something you can do on your own. DIY wood projects are more popular than ever before. DIY wood projects, also known as DIY, is making, repairing, building, or modifying fun wood projects without the direct help of professionals or experts. The term of do-it-yourself projects has been around since 1912 when it was used mostly to term home improvement and maintenance activities. The term do it yourself projects became popular by the 1950s. The term was used to describe the trend of people taking on home improvement projects and various other small craft and construction projects as both cost-saving activities and creative recreational projects. Do it yourself projects and ideas can be found online, in books, television shows, and magazines. In recent years do it yourself, projects have become more popular with the addition of step by step online video tutorials, where you can find everything from fixing your kitchen sink to building your wood frame bed, and everything in between. Do it yourself projects and diy wood projects are a great way to save money, building things to make out of wood you can't find at the store, and take on a project that you will enjoy.

To start this diy wood projects, you will first have to find your ceiling joists. Using a stud finder, you'll want to locate the ceiling joists. When you find the ceiling joists, you can sink some cleats in them to support everything. For this diy wood projects, three inch long screws were used along with a few pieces of 2 by 2's. Also used in this fun wood projects were six cleats on each shelf. Next you'lll want to determine how far down the shelves should hang. For this fun wood projects to build one of the shelves is about 12 inches with the other being 21 inches down. That's what worked in the garage where it was built. Once you have your supports properly cut to length, you'll want to attach each to a cleat. Next, you will need to build your bottom supports. Once you have the supports attached to the cleats, you'll need to cut your bottom support pieces. For this things to build with wood project two full four by eight sheets of plywood were used for the bottom, so all of the pieces were measured, so they were long enough to attach to the downward supports and not obstruct the plywood. Next step in this fun wood projects to build is adding the plywood base. Once you finish framing your base support, you'll need to put your plywood base on top of it. Because the base supports in this diy wood projects were well spaced and very well secured, the thinnest lightest piece of plywood was used for the base. Then a few 1 1/4 inch general purpose screws were used to attach the plywood to the base.

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