Family Scrabble Wall Art! What a Great Idea.

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This do it yourself craft is a great way to decorate your home. You may have seen these large wooden Scrabble pieces of art online or in a magazine; the good news is they are easy to make. These DIY crafts for home look amazing, and you can spell out all sorts of names and fun words to use on your walls. This is a great idea for most any room in the house from the living room wall to the kid's room and more. You can make your wood and letter Scrabble art by using some wood and letter cutouts from a craft store. To make this DIY idea, you can use a real Scrabble board game to see what numbers go in the bottom right corners.

Do it yourself crafts, and DIY ideas are more popular than ever. Do it yourself crafts, also known as DIY, is the method of making, repairing, building, or fixing something without the help of professionals or experts. The phrase or term of do-it-yourself has been around for over one hundred years. Do it yourself has been used since 1912 mostly as a term for home improvements and maintenance activities. The term do it yourself became quite popular and commonplace by the 1950s. The words do it yourself was used to referring to the popular trend of people taking on home improvement and various other construction and small craft projects as both ways to save money and do creative recreational projects. These days more than ever before you will find do it yourself projects wherever you look from books, online website, magazine, and magazines. In recent years it seems that do it yourself have had a resurgence as you will find do it yourself projects online with the help of video step by step online tutorials, where you can find everything from fixing your kitchen sink to building your wood bed, and everything in between. Do it yourself projects are an excellent way to save money, make something that you can't find at the store, and to take on a project that you will enjoy.

This do it yourself craft is a great way to decorate your home but did you know that Scrabble has been around since 1933. The popular board game was invented by an architect by the name of Alfred Mosher Butts who created an early version of the game we now know as Scrabble. To start he would determine how many tiles there should be and how many points each letter should be worth, he then calculated letter frequency on the front page of the New York Times. Originally Butts called his game Lexico and then changed the name to Criss-Cross Words. It was his friend and future business partner James Brunot who came up with the name SCRABBLE in the late 1930s. Scrabble has been around for a long time, but the game is pretty much unchanged, it still has the same 100 tiles and the same distribution. You can use the word Bingo when playing. You can call out Bingo when you use all of your seven SCRABBLE tiles to make a word; you can yell it out to confuse your opponent.

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