“Game Of Thrones” Actors Doing Normal Stuff Is So Weird

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Fans of the hit series Game of Thrones couldn't help but see the actors doing normal stuff weird. Who wouldn't? We can't blame them because once you have been familiar with their characters in a period setting, and then you see them doing normal things in our time, that could look pretty odd. It's hard to imagine all of them using their smart phones to text or play with the latest apps. It's like they're not supposed to do that because we are accustomed to them playing their parts that in an era completely removed. Here's some normal stuff that these actors are doing, and you would agree with us when we say, yes it's pretty weird!

Allow us to start it with Jon Snow wearing a T-shirt with Rob Stark's face on it. We know it's hard to picture him even wearing a regular shirt and Rob Stark on it just made it even weird. Next we have Arya and Sansa taking selfies! Now, how about Robb and Jon wearing suits? Yes, that happened, and they even have photos to prove it. This list will get weirder when you find out Samwell Tarly is hanging out with Dany and Jaime. But wait, there's more! Sam and Jaime are also wearing modern day suits!

And if you think it ends there, well you're wrong because you haven't seen Jaime playing pool with Greyjoy, while Cersei is goofing off with Tyrion. There are still so many that we would like to share like the Stark women blowing bubbles together.

We guess it just goes to show that they're all just like us when they're not in front of the camera to play their Game of Thrones character.

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