Game of Thrones Guide To Leadership – 8 Key Lessons

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Disclaimer: This article is spoiler-free unless you are still on Season 1, in which case nobody can help you.

Another season of Game of Thrones has begun, and whether you have succumbed to the temptation of the four leaked episodes, you are most likely following the series, you bandwagoner.

Let's ignore the fact that some of us have been watching GoT from the very first episode aired -- that's right, paying good money for HBO, too -- and, not to sound like a hipster, but enjoying the show well before it became popular.

For the sake of argument, we'll say you're a legitimate fan. (You and I know the truth, though.) Wouldn't you have liked to be ahead of a trend, just once? Doesn't it get tiring to have to fend off the "bandwagoner" label all the time?

If you're tired of being a follower, you'll be pleased to learn that more GoT is exactly what you need.

Imagineering has distilled eight important lessons about leadership from Game of Thrones (the first four seasons, anyway). So if you are always Sansa Stark ala Season 2, with more braids than backbone, it's time to pay attention and learn from the great Mother of Dragons.

Don't fancy the idea of forging your character (or hatching your own cronies) by blood and fire? How about the example of clever, ever-adaptable Margaery? Here's a queen who never admits defeat, who leads others where she wants them through strategy rather than the strength of armies.

If you are a man and would like me to name some male characters adept at leadership, perhaps you should first count the number of followers Tyrion or Jon Snow have, respectively. *That's in the show, not the books. Surely you know more math than the latter.

Now let us have a moment of silence for Sean Bean's character (any of them), dead but never forgotten. Then click the link below to read the full article on Imagineering.

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