'Game of Thrones' Ladies In Real & In Costume

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Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Love the cast of ladies on the show and would like to know a bit more what they look like in real life? Here's a great link to show you several of the ladies in photos comparing their Game of Thrones character's look to Red Carpet looks. They obviously look pretty similar to how they look in the show, they don't use that much make up on the actors and actresses in the show. Back in that time people didn't wear a lot of make up obviously because they didn't have the vast variety of cosmetics as we do now. They maybe put on a little rouge, and some charcoal eye liner and used pretty natural stuff on their skin.

It is interesting to see though, in the photos how the styles have evolved dramatically. The attire back then was pretty concealing for most women for the most part. In this day and age anything goes - low cut cleavage, short skirts, shorts, even women in more masculine attire is suitable. As you see from the Game of Thrones dress, it was more of a long dress type of style back then. Some low cut tops but over all not to much skin showing. The make up and hair as I mentioned before was very sparse and minimal. They didn't worry about waxing or tweezing their eye brows or dying their hair. Au natural was the way to be, because there was really no other option at that point.

If you are interested in women's styles and fashion throughout the ages than you should have a look at the juxtaposition between the 2 photos of each actress. It really is interesting to see how things have changed. Head on over to 'Access Hollywood' to see more by following the link in the description below.

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