Game Of Thrones: Who Is Prince Doran Martell?

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Prince Doran Nymeros Martell is the Prince of Dorne. He is also the head of House Martell, and the Lord of Sunspear. He is played by Alexander Siddig and is a reoccurring player in the fifth season, even though he was mentioned in the second and forth season. Alexander Siddig is well-known in the Star Trek world for his role as Dr. Bashir , as well as roles in Atlantis, Primeval and 24. As Prince Doran in Game of Thrones, his character has a form of "gout" so severe it restricts him to a wheelchair and disables him from walking. In the upcoming episode Prince Doran is overlooking the Water Gardens when Ellaria Sand angerly approaches him and wants revenge for Oberyns death. Oberyn was a southern Westerosi kingdom prince, second in line to the currently reigning older brother Prince Doran Martell. After Prince Doran reminds Ellaria Sand that Oberyn died "fighting in a trial by combat, which by law is not considered murder", she still wants to avenge him by harming Myrcella but Doran intends to bury his brother peacefully. "I loved my brother... and you made him very happy. For that, you will always have a place in my heart. But we do not mutilate little girls for vengeance. Not here. Not while I rule." Quoted by Doran Martell to Ellaria Sand. Prince Doran is described as a major player this new season, and he appears in multiple episodes. This prince is rumoured to rule wisely and be reclusive as he is rarely seen in public. He is also bound to a wheelchair and therefore spends most of his days watching his children play in the gorgeous Alczar de Seville, which is known as The Water Gardens", below his balcony in the Dornish Palace.

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