Grow super Long and Thick hair with this 100% Natural remedy – No more Hair loss

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This natural home remedies for growing super long and thick hair is a dream for many. It seems that when the hair does grow longer, there is still the problem of a lot of hair falling out. But with this natural home remedy you can stop your hair from falling out and your hair will also grow long really fast. The best part about this is it's easy to do, and it won't cost you a lot of money as it is a natural home remedy. This remedy will boost hair growth, and it uses the simple ingredient of guava leaves. Guava leaves are an excellent source of vitamin B, which is important for healthy hair growth. Guava leaves are a natural home remedy that is very effective and will help solve the issues about hair loss and at the same time strengthen the hair roots and follicles.

Guava is very popular and common fruit found in Asian countries, but it is also readily available in western countries. Guava fruit is round or pear-shaped with light green, yellow or maroon skin and white or maroon flesh that contains several small, hard edible seeds. Guava is soft when ripe and has a sweet, musky aroma along and a texture that is creamy. Guava is considered a superfruit because of it's numerous health-promoting qualities. Along with the guava fruit, the bark and leaves of the guava tree also provide numerous health benefits. Guava fruit is also high in vitamins C and A. The guava fruit contains four times more vitamin C than the average-size orange and about ten times more vitamin A than a lemon. The guava fruit also contains vitamins B2, E, and K, fiber, calcium, folate, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus and potassium. With all the nutritional benefits that a guava provides, it hardly contains any fats. Guava also is one of the least chemically treated and sprayed fruits. In different cuisines, the guava fruit is used as an ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes. Guava juice can also be used in refreshing drink recipes. You can also enjoy guava in sauce recipes, candies, jam recipes and jelly recipes.

Some of the natural home remedies that guava can be used for include that it helps to maintain oral health. With dental plaque being the principal reason for many oral health problems. The guava fruit leaves contain many anti-plaque properties that are effective in preventing and treating oral problems. Guava may also help to improve heart health.

In 1993 a study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension said that the regular consumption of guava fruit might help to decrease blood pressure and blood lipids. This is due to the guava fruits higher amounts of potassium, vitamin C, and soluble fiber content. Guava fruit may also help to improve your immunity. Because of the guava fruits high vitamin C content, it may help to play an important role in improving your immunity. Your immunity is the body's defense mechanism that protects it from all sorts of diseases and infections. Also, the guava fruits anti-inflammatory action and its ability to inhibit inflammatory molecules like prostaglandins may help to keep you disease free. Adding guava fruit into your diet on a regular basis is an inexpensive way to benefit from all the nutritional properties the guava fruit has to offer.

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