'Hamster Sleeving' Is The Hot New Trend In Japan

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It all started on Twitter, as many trends do these days, but no-one really knows how or why! What is sodehamu, you ask? It's hamster sleeving in Japanese. And what, exactly, is hamster sleeving?

In this case, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. The latest trend in Japan, according to all of these tweeted images, is keeping your pet hamster up your sleeve. Really? Is it that cold in Japan that you have to keep your pets in your sweater? Well, no matter, really, because it really is pretty darned cute. If you're a teddy bear hamster fan, then this could be a new trend for you too. We just hope it's healthy for the little critters and humans alike.

And we do have a few burning questions. Like, what if they decide to wander beyond the sleeve area? What happens then? We already know how they like to go around and around on those little wheels. Or worse, what if they get loose, and you lose your little hamster baby? That would be tragic indeed!

But as far as pictures go, these ones are very entertaining, not to mention adorable to look at. Check out all of the tiny little heads peering out of the dark cavernous sleeves. And there are some cute shots of fuzzy little butts too.

We wonder if this trend will soon lead to other sleeving trends. Seriously, this could be the beginning of a full-on sleeving epidemic! Before we know it, people could be bird-sleeving or turtle-sleeving or even snake or rat-sleeving. Or how about scorpion or tarantula-sleeving? Cats are probably too big, but some dogs are definitely small enough for puppy-sleeving. This whole thing could get pretty out of hand! Soon, we'll be wondering what the heck is up everyone else's sleeve.

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