Here Is the Exclusive Leaked Photo of the Alien That Was Captured by the Military

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Guys, what would you do if you found an alien lying on the ground? “I'll report it to the authorities.” “I really don't know what to do. I would probably call my parents. They'll know what to do next.” “I'll take a selfie with it! It's a once in a lifetime experience! I wouldn't want to miss it.” *silence* Seriously, that's what you're going to do? “Yes! It's not like we have aliens roaming here on Earth. These are our visitors. We should welcome them with a selfie.” How could you say there are no aliens here on Earth? As long as you're here, and you exist, aliens will always be here. Anyway, do you want to know the most famous alien incident? I'll tell you.

The most famous alien report is the Roswell UFO incident. It happened in the desert just outside Roswell in New Mexico in early 1947. A lot of people have heard that something crashed, but only a few know the details. According to a report, as cited from UFO Evidence's website, Dan Wilmot, a business owner, and his wife are just sitting on the porch when they saw a “bright saucer shaped object with glowing lights moving across the sky at 400-500 miles per hour” on the evening of July 3, 1947. According to Dan Wilmot's testimony, the UFO was about 20-25 feet across. “The flying object appeared from the Southeast and disappeared to the Northwest.” For Dan, that is was an unusual sighting for him.

Another report is from Mac Brazel, the Foreman of the J. B. Foster Ranch, still happened in the same month when Wilmot saw the UFO. According to reports, Brazel was just riding out to check his sheep after a night of strong thunderstorms. According to UFO Evidence's website, “Mac Brazel discovered a large amount of unusual debris scattered across one of the ranch's pastures. Mac Brazel took some pieces of the debris, showed them to some friends and neighbors and eventually contacted Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox. Suspecting that the materials described by Mac Brazel might be connected with military operations, Sheriff Wilcox notified authorities at the Roswell Army Air Field (subsequently renamed Walker AFB) for assistance in the matter.”

Do you want to know more about these famous incidents? “Yes!” Cool! You can go to UFO Evidence website and learn more from there. Anyway, there are no further questions here. I think it is as clear as crystal, whether the incident is true or not. Numerous UFO things have been reported, and we don't know how many more 'secret' incidents are there. This only implies one thing: we are not alone. They are there. Watching.

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