How Old Are the Game of Thrones Characters — and Actors?

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Its always so fascinating to find out the real story about actors and actresses, where they come from, who they are in real life. Sometimes we get so convinced that the character they play is in fact who they are in real life. But we have to remember that they are real people just like you and I. It is sometimes hard to figure out the age of an actor because so often they are playing a character that is younger or older than they actually are. Actors who are more petite like Ellen Page or Mila Kunis, sometimes play younger roles. Like when Ellen Page played a teenage girl in Juno, I was so surprised to find out that in real life she is closer to 30 years old! She looks very young for her age!

This post is on the famous as of late Game of Thrones characters, and what their ages in real life are in comparison to what age they were when the books came out and the age they play in the show. Some of them really had me doing a double take! Most of them are playing charters much younger than their true age. So I wonder how they keep looking so young when they are having to be constantly filming ? Most likely a good make up crew I am guessing. Some of the younger boys look a lot younger than their true age!

Even in real life nowadays I find it hard to tell a person's age past teenage years! Every one just looks so young! Maybe its our adaptation of healthier life styles, eating better, exercising, meditation and yoga. But with all that being said, I don't really feel that it is a disappointment to get older and age gracefully, not trying to hold onto looking way too young for your age. Head over to 'Pop Sugar' by following the link in the description below and see if you can guess the ages with out looking at the numbers first!

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