How to Climb WAY Harder!

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Are you a rock climber? Are you all about the extreme climbs or are you a beginner, hungry to get better and be able to take on harder climbs?

Rock climbing tests a climber's agility, strength, endurance, and balance along with mental control. Yeah, you are right! It can be a dangerous activity, and a proper knowledge of proper climbing techniques must be learned before engaging in this kind of sport. You must learn the basics first and provide the necessary climbing equipments as it is very crucial for the safe completion of any routes.

So, what are the tips to improve climbing? First step is to warm up and stretch. Before climbing, take at least half an hour to get your joints, and muscles limbered, and your heart rate elevated slightly. This simple step of warming and stretching up makes the distinction among several grades of difficulty in order to help prevent injury.

Second is strengthening your grip. The key to an obtaining, a good grip is to RELAX. Over-gripping will wear out your forearms. Stay aware of your grip and the force you use to hold yourself in place to make your movement more fluid and get better your stamina, sense of balance and climbing performance.

Third step is to improve your balance. The initial point for developing a good rock climbing method begins with your sense of balance, and how you can control your balance on the wall. Your feet may be spread-eagle, close together or in even stance. Take note that, your center of balance is always centered on your body mass.

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