I Couldn't Believe it... Handywoman Pours Kool-Aid into Her Dishwasher... But it's So Clever!

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Of all the natural cleaners, you probably never guessed Kool-Aid would end up on the list. In this list of cleaning tips from The Krazy Coupon Lady, you'll learn all sorts of things you can do with the classic drink powder. You won't believe how many things you can clean with Kool-Aid, and how many cool diy projects you can do with it too. From making cool colourful window art, to making coloured clothes pins, you can use Kool-Aid to colour almost anything. If you're daring enough, you could also try out dying your hair with it. Of course, it works best on lighter hair though, but it's a great temporary, non toxic way to add some colour to your hair. Usually when you think of natural cleaners, you might think of vinegar or baking soda. These are the classic natural cleaners that everyone uses around the house because they can really do it all. From the bathroom when cleaning your bathtub and shower, toilet and sink, to the bedroom when purifying your mattress by sprinkling some baking soda on it and vacuuming it up, you can use baking soda and vinegar for everything. But there's a new effective cleaner to try out, and that's Kool-Aid drink crystals.

You might be confused as to how drink crystals will help clean items when they are usually used to colour or flavour things. You might be thinking that all of your white dishes will end up with blue or purple stains on them if you use Kool-Aid to clean your dishwasher, but not to worry, they actually won't. We have to clean our dishwashers every once in a while to prevent build up from occurring. Any build up of hard water and calcium deposits can clog up your washer meaning that it won't clean your dishes nearly as well as before. Instead of buying some expensive, chemical laden solution to clean out your dishwasher, just use some plain lemon Kool-Aid to clean it. If you're already using non toxic dish detergent, you'll love to use something that is non toxic to clean out your dishwasher. Knowing that all of the waste water from the dishwashing cycle just pours out into our rivers or lakes eventually, really makes you think twice about the kinds of products you use. Which is why using non toxic dish detergent will be best for your machine and the environment.

So, to clean your dishwasher with Kool-Aid, just open the packet of lemon Kool-Aid, and dump it all out into the chamber where the soap usually goes. Then, run your machine through a normal cycle with the water set to hot, and let the Kool-Aid work it's magic. The reason we use Kool-Aid is because of the citric acid in it. Citric acid is a natural powder that is found in many beverages and packaged foods to prolong their shelf life. It also gives food the tart taste like lemons or citrus fruit. So why is citric acid a good cleaner? Well, citric acid works to eat away at tough to clean stains and build up because of it's acidity. But it's also gentle enough not to ruin the item that you're trying to clean. It's much like running some vinegar through your dishwasher but it will just smell nice and lemony fresh afterward. Try out some of the other cool cleaning tips that use Kool-Aid from The Krazy Coupon Lady, including how to wash your toilet with Kool-Aid, or how to remove rust stains from concrete. Just like you would clean your dishwasher, you can also clean out your clothes washing machine in the same way.***

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