If the Voyager Ever Encounters Aliens, Here Is What They Will Hear from Us

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You will want to listen to the track the famous 'Golden Record', a copy of which sits aboard each of two of NASA's most famous spacecraft. This recording came from the summer of 1977 when the space agency launched Voyager 1 and 2 went towards Jupiter and Saturn to explore those planets up-close for the very first time. The space probes didn't stay; they kept going on and on.This recording was made in the off-chance that either one of the robots might encounter a sentient alien race, so scientists pre-loaded two 12-inch gold-plated phonograph records each with lots of grainy sounds and images that are reminiscent of the diverse and vibrant life that can be found here on Earth. They then attached one record to each spacecraft before launching them.

Now for the first time, NASA has put together each of the nearly 20 individual sounds of Earth into one beautiful yet somewhat track, which the famous space agency has just released onto SoundCloud for your listening enjoyment. You will hear parts in the audio of a kiss along with cooing sounds and love between a mother and a crying child. You will want to give it a listen, and think of just how far this recording has been, and all the places it's traveled to. And who knows, maybe out there somewhere some extraterrestrial life has heard the recording along the way. You just never know.

Th renowned astronomer and science communicator Carl Sagan is the one who chaired the committee that selected all of the 115 images and sounds. Sounds that include chirping birds, bellowing whales, the roaring waves of the ocean, claps of thunder, and other audio samples. The recordings also include various greetings that are spoken in 55 different languages and even a printed message that came from the President at the time, Jimmy Carter. NASA encased each record in a special protective aluminum jacket.

Most of us have heard a story somewhere or another about strange and unexplained UFO sightings at some point or another. Maybe you saw that movie last year about aliens, or you read something on a website or in a book. UFO's simply stands for unidentified flying objects, known as any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable or recognizable as a known phenomenon or object. UFOs have for years been associated with claims of visits by extraterrestrial life, or aliens and have become popular subjects of fiction and legend. Most often UFOs are later identified, identification is not always possible because of often low-quality photos or low-grade videos that are used. Studies have found that most of the UFO sightings are just objects or natural phenomena that have been misidentified; the object ends up usually being an aircraft, a balloon, clouds or astronomical objects such bright planets or meteors. There are even some that are just hoaxes.

There is only a small percentage of between 5 and 20 percent of reported sightings that are not explained, and therefore, they can be classified as unidentified. Many people believe the unexplained reports to be alien spacecraft, and while that that idea cannot be excluded, they also cannot be identified due to lack of complete information. It is a bit fun and scary to imagine that there is life on other planets, especially with a universe that is as large as it is. For now, we will just have the conspiracy theorists and grainy photos to keep us guessing.

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