The Real Cost of a Free Horse

We've all heard the expression, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth," but apparently that is exactly what you should be doing! It turns out that the real cost of a free horse over the long term is a ... read more

10 Dark Secrets From The World Of Horse Racing

"And they're off!". The fans hold tightly to their cards in hopes that their chosen horse is the winner. Millions of dollars are at stake and that is what produces 10 dark secrets from the world of ho ... read more

10 Fascinating Facts About Horses

Many of us love seeing horses in films and television, but few of us know these amazing 10 fascinating facts about these incredible animals. Horses are beautiful majestic creatures that have captivate ... read more

You Know You're a Horse Lover When...

The love of horses has long been a part of human history. From the wild wild west with cowboys riding across the vast deserts, to the more sophisticated styles of equestrian lovers, people love their ... read more

Horses Help Make Humans Healthier GREAT STORY!

Horse City brings us a great story about how horses help make humans healthier. There are a multitude of benefits to both our physical and mental health from regular horseback riding and horse ownersh ... read more

This Horse's Markings Spell

Isn't it incredible when Nature seems to go ahead and make the most impossible seeming things a reality? In this amazing photo, this horse's markings actually spell the word 'horse'! How much stranger ... read more

Horse of Different Colors

When my daughter came home from school last week with a section of her hair colored bright blue, I was admittedly a bit disappointed she didn't consult with me first and get permission. After seeing t ... read more

Horse Wearing People Clothes

It is always fun to see animals when they are dressed up like people. I have an old magazine and in it were pictures from 1903 and they had very detailed photos of dogs wearing little tailored suit ja ... read more

Dance of Wild Horses

Horses are a species of the Genus "Equus" - including domesticated horses. Some species of wild horses (like the Tarpan) had become extinct in the past couple of centuries but some have been rescued f ... read more

15 Unique Horses Have The Most Gorgeous Hair You Will Ever See

Hair is a defining feature on humans and animals alike, it gives us our own unique and particular flair and has a way of really changing the way we look. Here we take a look at 15 unique horses that h ... read more

Extraordinary Communication Between A Young Man And His Horse

Taming a horse could be a lot of work. But this extraordinary communication between a young man and his horse would make you think that it is easy. It is impressive how the man made it look that way. ... read more

Power By Horse

For those of you who have spent any considerable about of time around horses, you all surely can agree that there is something so powerful but still magical or majestic about horses. They are incredi ... read more

Sun in the Mane

Horses are absolutely gorgeous creatures. Their body frame, the way they move, and of course how their mane and tail seem to always flow ever so perfectly in the wind. Look into a horse's eye and you ... read more

Buddy Ole Pal

Aren't horses absolutely incredible creatures? There's something about horse that just absolutely fascinates me. Their graceful yet powerful gallop, the way their mane and tail flows in the wind, thei ... read more

Pretty Horse

Most people, especially artists, are familiar with the "Deviant Art" website. In this particular post, we get to enjoy this pretty horse, which is a photograph uploaded by Vadelein, a user on the site ... read more

Arabian Horse

Horses are such beautiful and amazing animals no matter what breed they are. The Arabian Horse is a really different looking horse from most horses we see in North America. It has such a majestic beau ... read more

Rare Horse Breeds

From Gypsy Vanners to Arabians, Newfoundland ponies to the Shires, the horse world is filled with mystical and Rare Horse Breeds. One of the rarest - the golden horse - the Akhal-Teke, is known as “th ... read more

The Place Where Rebekka's Horses Run Free

Recently, I traveled to the real life land of fire and ice (and rainbows). When people think of Iceland they think of a land of ice instead of the amazing volcanoes, waterfalls, and rainbows. It has s ... read more

Tableau Vivant Of Wild Horses

While browsing Stuck in Customs, this picture of Tableau Vivant Of Wild Horses - taken in Skagafjordur, Iceland, came up featuring wild Icelandic horses. The Icelandic horse has a pleasant character a ... read more

The Golden Horse In Iceland

A good photo can tell a story, evoke emotion and take us to a far off place all within a moment. That is what this lovely photo The Golden Horse In Iceland does for me, it holds myself the viewer for ... read more

Stampede of the Wild Horses

The photo: Stampede of the Wild Horses, brilliantly shows off how horses have such a vast array of sizes, shapes and colors. However, there are fewer groups of wild horses left roaming freely in the w ... read more

23 Pics Collection Of Funny Horses

Get ready to laugh uncontrollably, in fact this incredible 23 pics collection of funny horses is sure to make you laugh until you are horse! Ranging from pictures of horses doing incredible and probab ... read more

Coolest Looking Horse

The Appaloosa is known as the "Spotted Horse" due to its very distinctive markings on their coats. It is a popular breed with the genetic lines tracing back to the beginning of the equine race. They a ... read more

White Bones Painted on Black Horse For Halloween

Have you ever seen a live horse skeleton? Now you can, with these White Bones Painted on Black Horse For Halloween. Artist Sandy Cramer, painted the skeletal system on her horse for Halloween. It seem ... read more

10 More Rare And Beautiful Horses that are Like Nothing You've EVER Seen!

Gentle giants, beautiful warriors, majestic souls, the spirit of the plains, a warriors best friend, these are all phrases that can be used to describe this magnificent creatures. Their hooves glitter ... read more

Another 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses Are Like Nothing You've EVER Seen!

Gentle giants, beautiful warriors, majestic souls, the spirit of the plains, a warriors best friend, these are all phrases that can be used to describe this magnificent creatures. Their hooves glitter ... read more

Greta Alexandra Oskolkov-Schneider, The World's Most Creative Horse Body-Clipper

People who love horses and who work with horses doing competitions and shows, are really into doing everything they can to make sure that their horse is always in the best condition and shape. Meet Gr ... read more

30 Stunning Horse Pictures

Horses are some of the most beautiful animals in the world. Check out these 30 plus stunning horse pictures. Horses come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Their strong legs and body shapes help them c ... read more

Another These 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses Are Like Nothing You've EVER Seen!

For centuries, horses have been an integral part of the human experience. These 10 rare and beautiful horses featured on remind us that whether the protagonist of a great many fables ... read more

The Most Beautiful Horses in The World

Youtube is renowned across the globe for bringing home videos into the hands of the general public, it's also a great place to see movies, and all sorts of other random videos. Usually you don't think ... read more

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