10 reasons your teenage daughter should own a horse

Has your daughter ever bugged you for a horse? Or are you a teenager who wants a horse so badly and would give anything to convince your parents to allow you to have one? Here are 10 reasons your teen ... read more


I love horses! I always have and always will. There is something about horses that I find so fascinating. They are graceful yet confident and powerful, are full of personality and emotion, and just a ... read more

The Most Expensive and Beautiful Horses in the World

If you are a horse lover you will likely have watched all the great horse movies. Ever wondered what the most expensive and beautiful horses in the world are valued at? While Secretariat and Man o' Wa ... read more

Lots of Hair, Pony Express, a Sunset and a Sand Dune

Rare horses with lots of hairs, sunsets and sand dunes... I often read about the more subtle wonders of the world. Paradisaeidae, also known as the birds of paradise, are the members of the family of ... read more

9 Adorable Animals With Unique And Beautiful Hairstyles That Will Inspire You. #8…Wow!

Animals are so cute no matter what their hair looks like. But these 9 Adorable Animals With Unique And Beautiful Hairstyles That Will Inspire You. #8...Wow! That guinea pig sure has some pretty stylis ... read more

This Incredible Island is Sure to Become the Next Vacation Spot For All Horse Lovers

There are many vacation spots to choose from when planning a vacation, and people often spend hours researching online to find the perfect place to go visit. But this incredible island is sure to beco ... read more

These 15 Unique Horses Have The Most Gorgeous Hair You Will Ever See

These incredibly gorgeous horse breeds have unique and incredibly beautiful hair that would put most hairstylists to shame! Not only are horses incredible majestic animals they are also beautiful and ... read more

A Big Hug For Mommy

Mother's Day is a day of so much love. Card shops are packed with children looking for the perfect card to tell mom how much they appreciate her. Flower shops are stocking up on all the seasonal favor ... read more

Love Between Hoofed Friends

Love can strike out or back, but is this necessary a bad thing? I've had the wonderful opportunity to grow up with horses and one thing I've surely learned is how affectionate these beautiful hoofe ... read more

White Horse in a Field Glow

White horses are those that carry one of the dominant genes and they are actually “gray” instead of “true white” horses. These type of horses are born and stay white throughout their lifespan. These “ ... read more

25 Unique Horses You've Never Seen Before

Horses are incredible creatures, elegant and graceful, yet powerful and confident. Horses are undeniably one of the most beautiful animals found on this planet and depending on geographical location, ... read more

How Horses Sleep

This fascinating article from About Home tells us all the mysteries of how horses sleep. This article will answer questions like whether horses sleep standing up or lying down, how many hours they sle ... read more

7 Supersized Horses

There are many rare and unusual horse breeds. From super small to super-sized, the website at Horse Nation has some wonderful breeds of 7 Supersized Horses on display. Most people are familiar with ti ... read more

Rare Horse Colors You Gotta See!

Horses are all beautiful and there are countless reasons to love the companionship of horses. Horses are creatures of beauty. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but horses have inspired ar ... read more

A Ballerina Starts To Dance, But When The Horse Does THIS, My Jaw Dropped

Recently I was lucky enough to go to a performance called Cavalia. Knowing only the basics of the presentation and that it involved dressage, an Olympic medal sport of one of the highest forms of eque ... read more

Horse - Equus caballus

Equus caballus, more commonly known as a horse, has long and rich history with humans. Dating back approximately 4,000 years ago when it is believed horses were first domesticated, and up until the em ... read more

Artax - The Fastest Horse in the World

Guys, we all know that the only thing faster is light. If you think you can beat light, I'd bet my million dollars... if I had it. However, when it comes to horses, there is light's great contender. D ... read more

10 Rarest Horse Breeds

The relation between humans and animals has existed for centuries. One example of this distinct association is the one between the humans and the horses. In the past horses have been used for tran ... read more

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Expensive Horse Breeds

People are willing to pay quite the high prices when it comes to their pets, or anything they consider to be of high value and luxurious, cars, clothes, and other items included. In this article we ha ... read more

10 Strange and Beautiful Horse Breeds

With over 350 breeds of horses in the world, it is possible you may have never heard of or seen these 10 strange and beautiful horse breeds. Featured on 'Mother Nature Network', you will find descript ... read more

Meet the World's Smartest Horse, He Is Just

What do you love most about horses? “What I love about horses is how smart they are.” You got that right, sweet pea! Horses are one of the smartest animals in the world, as listed in List 25 website. ... read more

These RARE Horses Are So Bizarre! #9 Looks Like A Cow…

Horses are such beautiful and graceful animals aren't they? They are such gentle and loving beings when given the environment to be nurtured and cared for. They are often highly regarded for certain b ... read more

Horse Wisperer: Hair Reveals Horse Temperament

I'm going to tell you about a scientific study that reveals some interesting equine facts, but, in the end, raises one big human-related question. So, let's start with the interesting equine facts. ... read more

9 Amazing Horse Breeds that you MUST See

It seems as though horses have been a part of our history forever, it's hard to imagine a world without them. They are a part of countless movies, tales, and adventures alike, and for good reason. ... read more

These 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses Are Like Nothing You've EVER Seen!

Gentle giants, beautiful warriors, majestic souls, the spirit of the plains, a warriors best friend, these are all phrases that can be used to describe this magnificent creatures. Their hooves glitter ... read more

Learning about the healing power of horses

Did you know that horses have the power to heal? Mark Freeman didn't until his daughter Barrett started working with them at the Center for America's First Horse in Johnson, Vermont. For years, she' ... read more

This Tiny Horse Wasn't Expected To Survive. Now She's Helping Countless Children Around The World.

Thumbelina is her name, and she is the tiniest horse in the world according to Guinness World Records. Not only is Thumbelina a miniature horse but she was born with dwarfism and stands only seventeen ... read more

The Three Times You Should Punish Your Horse

I am a big believer in the immense power of positive feedback. No one likes to be criticized. No one. Although there are times in life where a little constructive feedback is needed, it is always more ... read more

Using Pressures To Shape The Horse

Training your horses also means shaping their behavior. Using pressure is part of it, but not a lot of people know how to use it properly. Most of them are boxed with some myths when it comes to this ... read more

36 Techniques to Relax the Horse & Rider

Have you ever rode on a horse? “Don't mention it. My first time was horrible. My horse had gone berserk.” “Are there any ways to relax a horse? I'm so done with it going so mad and all that!” “Ha! I h ... read more

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