Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children

Gavin Haynes came from England to America to investigate the secret world of Indigo Children. These children are a select group of people who believe they were born with indigo auras and that they possess special and supernatural traits and abilities. Many of these children have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD by health care professionals. The parent of indigo children maintain that their children do not have these conditions, but are instead running on a different astral plane that is no known to most regular people. Critics maintain that these Indigo children are not receiving proper mental health care. On his journey for answers, Haynes has his aura photo taken, attends a concert for Indigo rap duo The Underachievers, and undergoes a holistic dentistry examination by a mother/daughter Indigo pair. To find out more about Indigo children you will want to take a look at the Vice site.

The video starts off with a photographer asking Haynes what color he thinks he is. Haynes says that he is a creamy orange or off-white color. The photographer is going to do an aura photo with Haynes and says that more often than not, that people will get their aura color right. This is because most people have a sense of who they are. So to get the aura photo Haynes has to put his hand on a special electrical plate. An aura is a colored band that some people say they can see around the human body, showing its spiritual state and aura energy. Few people can see the aura energy apparently, but Haynes found a man called Eric Sage who says he has a camera that could do just that. Once the photo is taken, you can see that the aura of Haynes is as he thought, a soft, creamy orange that resonates around him.

The video then shows a young girl who had many visions of meeting God and meeting new people when she was 4. Some say that Indigo children are astral beings sent to guide people to a higher plane. While others say, Indigo children are simply hyper children with untreated ADD or ADHD. Some parents and you will even find some doctors who believe that several children today are gifted with psychic powers, they call them Indigo children. The term Indigo children have been around since the 1970s and was coined by a psychologist and medium known as Nancy Ann Tappe. Tappe claimed that she had noticed a sharp rise in the number of babies born with indigo-colored auras. But it wasn't until the 1990s that the phenomenon took off in the mainstream, this is thanks to the book The Indigo Children, The New Kids Have Arrived.

Oprah even featured the spiritual Indigo children on her television show, along with documentaries about the spiritual children. All across America thousands of parents refused to accept their children's ADHD medicine. Parents also rejected medical diagnosis in favor of declaring their children as the spiritual Indigo children. Haynes travels to America to see if what has become of the so-called Indigo children who are now adults. Haynes journey starts off in Brooklyn, New York where he meets a full-blown adult Indigo. The video begins with Edward who is the leader of a group of adult Indigos. You will want to take a look at the Vice site to see the full story about Edward and the adult Indigos. You will find out more about Indigo children at the Vice site. On the site, you will find all sorts of enlightening information. You will find more stories about the spiritual, psychic, auras, art, crime fashion and so much more. **

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