Is your SIGNATURE STYLE making you look older?

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Makeup is meant to flatter the wearer in many ways, but what if your signature look is making you look older? It's true that there are many beauty tips and diy ideas gear toward making us look younger, but some of these things could possibly also make you look older than you want to look. Age is something people in America take very seriously, and people want to look young even into their old age trying everything from injections to face lifts. While there's nothing wrong with doing what you want to do to look and feel beautiful, there's also nothing wrong with ageing naturally. When it comes to makeup and beauty, you always simply want to find ways to enhance your natural beauty instead of just going with the latest trends. If one of the newest trends doesn't suit you, then you don't have to follow it. Reader's Digest also says that you may not want to stay with a signature look for too long either as it may make you look older. As we age, our face does change and makeup that maybe once looked great, doesn't look quite the same anymore.

For example, in one of their beauty tips, they mention that as we age, our lips get thinner making red lipstick, not the best choice. The red pigments tend to bleed out of the lip line accentuating wrinkles. So their beauty tip is to get a coloured lip gloss instead, one that will keep lips looking plump and full and that will not bleed or feather out. You can also experiment with nude lipsticks and glosses to see how they look on your lips. You might just end up loving how they look. Lighter shades, in general, will help to maintain a youthful glow. If you notice your hair beginning to turn white, you may want to dye it, but be sure to choose a shade of hair colour that isn't too dark or light for your skin tone. A really dark colour will wash out a pale complexion even further, and anything that's more than one or two shades away from your natural hair colour might age you. Foundation is another thing that can age you, and choosing the wrong colour at any age can affect your whole look. Make sure you have a really good moisturiser or primer to put under your foundation, or, start using a light, tinted moisturiser that will prevent your foundation from sinking into wrinkles and creases.

One of the other beauty tips from Reader's Digest says that bold eye makeup could age a person as well. Stick with light eye liners and soft coloured shadows for a fresh look. A nice tan can give you a youthful glow, leaving you looking relaxed and healthy. But overdoing the tanning can also lead to bad wrinkles and even skin damage. Lay off the tanning beds and instead grab a sunless tanner, preferably a natural one instead. One of the final beauty tips they give us is to change up your hairstyle as you age. Some women go shorter as they age to keep from looking older than they are. Go on Pinterest and look at different hair styles and cuts that you think would suit you, or try an online makeover using a photo of yourself. You can try different hair styles and see what looks good on you. As always, do whatever makes you feel happiest, that means if you wand purple hair at 50, just go for it and have some fun with your style because beauty tips aside, it's about doing what makes you feel good.***

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