Jackfruit Tacos


2 tablespoons olive oil

1 (20 ounce) cangreen jackfruit in brine, drained

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 red onion, chopped

2 teaspoons chili powder

2 teaspoons ground cumin

1⁄4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

8 tortillas, warmed

1 bunch cilantro

1 red onion, Pickled

2 cups romaine lettuce, shredded

1⁄2 cup store bought salsa

1 lime, cut into wedges


In a large saute pan heat 2 tablespoons olive oil over medium high heat.

Add the jackfruit, garlic and onion. Use the back of a wooden spoon to break apart the jackfruit.

Cook, stirring constantly until the onions start to break down, about 5 minutes.

Next add the chili powder, cumin and cayenne. Reduce heat to medium low. Stir to coat and add 1/2 cup of water to the pan. Cover and allow to cook for 8-10 minutes stirring occasionally being sure to break up the jackfruit.

Season with salt and pepper. To serve, build tacos by filling tortillas with jackfruit and top with your favorite garnishes.

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